January 16, 2011

"Tomorrow Has Arrived"

"People are afraid of the future, of the unknown. If a man faces up to it, and takes the dare of the future, he can have some control over his destiny. That's an exciting idea to me, better than waiting with everybody else to see what's going to happen." ~ John H. Glenn

Welcome to Association Maximization, The Blog, our next step in bringing you to NAHB through social media. We also have NAHB Associates on Facebook and LinkedIn with both called NAHB Associates.

Social media is the future for associate members. Yes, I know, social media has been with us for awhile but associates utilized it rarely until now. Think about it for a moment; being in instant contact with your peers from across the country where ideas can flourish with different and diverse viewpoints. Any thoughts, any suggestions and any business discussions can be vastly expanded outside your normal sphere. I invite you all to take part in our social media web of communication and contribute often. The future is not that bad if you allow it to come to you naturally.

Now, this particular form of social media, blogging, is being utilized more and more. Blogging can be whatever you want it to be for whomever you want to touch. The NAHB Associates blog will certainly reach out and touch all members, associates and builders as well as executive officers from around the federation.

My name is Michael Kurpiel and I am a Certified Graduate Associate (CGA) and a Certified Green Professional (CGP). I will be providing content to this blog and I encourage you, the member, to submit content as a guest blogger.

This is what this blog would like to post, and would like input on more ideas:

1. Advocacy: grass roots mobilization and political investing
2. Views and opinions from a member
3. Highlighting an actively engaged member
4. Best business practices
5. Networking
6. Leadership growth

In order for you to post your comments you need a FREE Google account to sign in https://www.google.com/accounts.

I hope you will share this blog with your colleagues and help the growth of this potentially valuable communication's tool.

All the best,
Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP
2011 NAHB Associate Members Committee Chairman

Note: If you have any suggestions and/or articles for submission, please send them to by clicking on my signature.
Your content has to be timely if it is a call to action, relevant if it is about the building industry and sent in as a word document with names correctly spelled, including any designations. Pictures must be in jpg format. Advertisements or promotions of your business will not be accepted.

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