February 7, 2011

“LegCon” – WHAT??

If you are even a little involved in your HBA, you know we live with a strange abbreviated language. HBA, BIA, NAHB, GMM, and GA to name a few!  “LegCon” is not easily deciphered. It sounds like a “photo shopped” photo on the cover of a magazine or Joan Rivers on the Go Daddy commercial during the Super Bowl.

But LegCon is the abbreviated name for NAHB’s Legislative Conference. Makes total sense now, right? But the funny thing is - it isn’t really a conference. Most conferences have you attending different seminars to learn how to do something better. At LegCon, you attend one meeting and then spend the rest of the day doing seminars for elected officials in Washington DC., teaching THEM how to help our industry.

You start the day at LegCon with an early morning issue orientation from NAHB’s Government Affairs gurus. Then, you head off to Capitol Hill visits that have been pre-arranged. If you have never sprinted from the House to the Senate, talked with legislators as they walk down the hall, met staffers that look like they aren’t old enough for a driver’s license yet, or shared issue discussions with builders from your state surrounded by marble – you have to try it!

There is no reason to let it intimidate you!
       1.               You pay the wages of all elected officials – they work for you!
       2.               Some of them are just as lost out there as you are – especially the new ones.
       3.               NAHB does a great job of briefing you.
       4.               You don’t have to talk – just showing them you took the time to be there to support the builders and our industry speaks volumes!

This year’s LegCon is 3/16/2011. Unfortunately, it is separate from the Spring Boards due to the Legislative calendar adopted late in January by Congress. This will make it difficult for as many people to attend, but it is vitally important for any Associate who is able to make it to DC, to please show up. There is a flock of newly elected officials that need to know how to get this country building again. They need to see how many businesses are affected by any legislation that affects a builder.

Make your reservations today and join fellow Associates and Builders on March 16, as we fight to keep this nation building. Getting involved with the legislative efforts of NAHB is a great way to support your Builder members and the industry you work in. Congressional decisions affect the bottom line of all of our businesses

There are over 100,000 Associates in NAHB. Think of the number of companies and employees they represent. Think of the number of potential voters and dollars we represent. Associates - that is power! See you in DC.

Submitted by Monica Sommerfeldt Lewis, CAPS, CGA
2011 NAHB Associate Members Advocacy Chair

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NAHB Associates said...

When only builders attend LegCon our Federal legislators only hear the one side of the building industry. When associate members participate the legislators now become fully aware of all aspects of the building industry. Given that associates are two-thirds the membership and out number the builders' employees with their own 10-1, the legislators certainly can do the math.

You always read about the "special interest" groups invading Washington, DC. I do have a special interest; my job and providing for my family. I would think that most associates share that special interest with me. If that's the case remember, "if it affects builders it will affect associates."