July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July America and Happy Birthday U.S.A.

Happy Birthday U.S.A. 

235 years ago today our Founding Fathers delivered the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Patriots fought for our freedom so that all Americans could have the right to pursue individual freedom of choice and the right to opportunities.Nothing is ever guaranteed but in America nothing can stand in your way except you. 

I'm grateful to our American troops, through all the wars America has experienced and fought, for protecting, with their lives, our country's unique & true democracy. We have freedoms that most of us take for granted and our military is one of the main reasons we have those freedoms. God bless you!

I'm also grateful to our Nation's home builders, and our associate members, who continue to provide one of the last "Made in America" products, homes. Thank you for taking the risks you all take to help provide the "American Dream" so others can create their special memories.

Happy 4th of July to NAHB members, their families and for that matter, to all Americans. Be safe and enjoy your weekend.

Our regular blog will continue next week as we look at political fundraising through the "peer to peer" process.

Submitted by: Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP
2011 NAHB Associate Members Committee Chair

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