September 25, 2011

Associate Leadership - "Are You Ready to Travel This Road?"

In a past Association Maximization blog post titled "HBA Leadership: The Ultimate Return On Your Investment" an overview was given on the value of becoming an HBA leader. Please click on the link for this overview and then come back.
Today's blog post starts the first of several parts to my series on associate leadership based on the NAHB Associates power point presentation titled "Unlocking the Mystery of Associate Leadership. Thank you to the New Jersey Builders Association for donating the presentation to NAHB so that our associate members across the Federation could help those who want to contribute their skills and talents in helping the HBAs.  While this series is designed help you associates at the local level become more engaged and ultimately part of the leadership team, change Associate to BUILDER in this and the upcoming posts, edit to reflect the difference between an associate and a builder within HBA leadership, and you have Builder Leadership training. 

"Are You Ready to Travel This Road?"
When we truly examine the past of our association we see pictures and hear names and stories of leaders from days gone-by. But when you look at our association today most members don't realize that, literally, a lot of blood, sweat and tears built what the members have currently; NAHB and the state and local HBAs. In order to maintain and grow what we have it takes leadership. Leadership just doesn't happen and we can't expect there to be future leaders just because there has always been leaders. Members will always be identified, groomed and mentored as they progress through the leadership roles. The first step is to know the answer to the question "where are these prospective leaders identified as the future?" The the only way I know how to identify future leaders is through a revealing process; volunteerism. 

When we look at the avenues each volunteer travels to become an HBA leader there are four "stops" on the road leadership;
1. Volunteers
2. Committee Chairmen
3. Board of Directors
4. Senior Officers

All four have four key components to making each a success; passion, desire and follow-through. 
1. Passion, where you feel it in your heart.
2. Desire, where you have the need to contribute. 
3. Commitment, where you believe in the mission of the HBA.
4. Follow-through, where the combination of the first three help you "finish what you started."

All four levels of leadership will be discussed including;
1. The "right way" of achieving the level
2. What is required of each level.
3. The benefits to you of each level.

The next several weeks we are going to take a look at all four and break down each so that members, and in this case associate members, understand the process and look to help lead our locals and state associations. 
The most important thing to understand, if you choose to move forward, is this simple and clear message; "Association business first, your business second." 

Submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP
2011 NAHB Associate Members Committee Chairman

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Sam Bradley GMB,CGR, CGP said...

All journeys experience ups and downs. The experience for most of us in the home building industry during the past two years has not been the long narrow road, pictured in the above article, but rather a road of sharp turns and steep declines. As a builder, my journey would end quickly if not for the support of Associate Members who join with me to build the American Dream of home ownership. Despite the challenges that remain ahead, my Associate teammates are committed to a brighter tomorrow, not only for ourselves, but for future generations.