January 29, 2012

"At the Goal Line"

Super Bowl Sunday is a week away and with it comes the thoughts that after a long season a team will achieve its quest and the other will have to "wait until next year" for another opportunity. But in order to get this far takes complete team work with an aligned desire that is fueled by passion. 
Teamwork, players working together. 

NAHB is similar in that when there is a desired outcome to a direction, members and staff will work together. There has been considerable, and very passionate, conversations regarding a proposed bylaw amendment, from NAHB's National Area\Associate Chairmen (NACs), that creates an associate senior officer NON-voting, NON-ladder position. Conversations have taken place on social media sites, within NAHB's area caucuses that bring members from different regions to discuss NAHB initiatives before voting at the national board meeting, during state and local HBAs board meetings and other platforms where members discuss association business.
We need to thank all the NAHB members, builders and associates and staff, local and state, who have helped to bring about the groundwork for a desired outcome. Thirty-six HBAs from individual states, as well as Puerto Rico, are supporting the NACs' proposed by law amendment; this is truly an amazing number. When you look at the membership total that each HBA's board is representing, you will see that 113,444, or 78% of the Federation, members would like to see this proposed bylaw amendment passed at the 2012 International Builders Show. 

  1. HBA of Alabama representing 8,069 members
  2. HBA of Delaware representing 360 members
  3. Florida HBA representing 6,633 members
  4. Louisiana HBA representing 4,922 members
  5. HBRA of New Hampshire representing 614 members
  6. New Jersey Builders Association representing 900 members
  7. New Mexico HBA representing 1, 936 members
  8. Michigan AHB representing 4,600 members
  9. Pennsylvania Builders Association representing 6,647 members
  10. HBA of Virginia representing 3,648 members
  11. Wisconsin BA representing 5,274 members
  12. HBA of West Virginia representing 762 members
  13.  The HBA of Connecticut representing 913 members
  14.  HBA of Illinois representing 1,630 members
  15.  Arkansas HBA representing 1.354 members
  16.  New York State BA representing 2,285 members
  17. BA of Minnesota representing 2,886 members
  18.  Oklahoma State Home Builders Association  representing 2,316 members
  19.  Idaho Building Contractors Association representing 946 members
  20.  Colorado Association of Home Builders representing 1,693 members
  21. HBA of Georgia representing 3,596 members
  22. Indiana Builders Association representing 3,104members
  23. Puerto Rico representing 70 members
  24. Montana Building Industry Association representing 1,450 members
  25. Home Builders Association of Kentucky representing 6,191 members
  26. Texas Association of Builders representing 9,107 members
  27.  Oregon Home Builders Association representing 3,264 members
  28. Home Builders Association of Alaska representing 709 members
  29. Home Builders Association of South Carolina representing 3,381members
  30. North Carolina Home Builders Association representing 12, 394 members
  31. Massachusetts Home Builders Association representing 1,242 members
  32. Utah Home Builders Association representing 1,505 members
  33. Nebraska State Home Builders Association 1,128 representing members
  34. South Dakota HBA representing 1,656 members
  35. Tennessee HBA representing  3,082 members
  36.  HBA of Mississippi representing  2,203 members
  37. Southern Nevada Home Builders Association representing 974 members
I would very much like to personally thank each and every one of you for your dedication and hard work; your desire for success will carry the day. 

Submitted by:
Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP
2011 NAHB Associate Members Committee Chairman
2009-2010 NAHB National Associate Chairman


Lenny said...

Looking back on my 38 years in the association I am happy to see this bylaw coming to a vote. I remember when we fought for an associate director from each state some of the same reasons I am hearing now why it should be voted down, we heard then, like they are trying to take over the association and it will destroy the association, as the associates are only concerned with their issues. I must admit there have been a few over the years that description fits but they usually fall to the wayside as people recognize what they are about. What I have personally experienced is quite the opposite but when an associate is a senior officer and goes to the hill be it on state or national level they can explain not only how an issue effects a builder but the rippling effect it has on the whole industry and economy in general.

Having said that I am one of those who believes very strongly that an associate should NEVER be president of any local, state or national association of home builders, as we may think we understand the issues but at the same point we do not live or die by them on a daily basis. We are there to support OUR industry and there is no better way than having one of the officers of this great association to be an associate and they stand shoulder to shoulder with the other five builder officers. There is a second amendment, which only will be discussed if the Associate senior officer position is passed, that would give authority to the Associate senior officer committee appointments. I believe the Associate senior officer can suggest to the builder officers some names but do not believe they have enough knowledge to appoint the best people from around the country to sit on committees and I always would like to see the best people possible on each of the committees whether they be associate or builder.

Anonymous said...

Great update, Michael! I completely agree with Lenny's comments. Reading the updates over the past 6 months, and listening to a few builders who think that adding an associate to the senior officer team would be the worst thing we could do as an association, I have the feeling that most members would like this to happen while only a few think it would be the end of days lol.
I'm with the majority; great idea at a time where we need all members to participate. As Lenny wrote, associates have board seats now going against the same thoughts against that we are hearing today; I didn't see any locusts, droughts or massive floods after the board seats were approved :)

Lenny said...

I have seen letters and e-mails going around why this amendment should be voted down. Some are from builders and some by associate members. We all have are reasons why we are either in favor of or against this bylaw I have always tried to look at past leaders in two categories they are:


a person who believes himself indispensible to a group, esp. a person who becomes so over-involved in a group’s internal management, policies, or politics as to lose sight of its larger goals; (hence) a person with a negative, moralizing character, who acts like the sole source of wisdom.


A prominent, highly experienced older man or woman, especially one acting as an unofficial adviser.
a respected leader, often one who no longer has an active job, who is thought of as having good advice to give

We all have to judge for ourselves which is which. I always find it interesting that some of the reasons given, are in my opinion, are closer to the person making them, then who they are speaking about. To all the builders, associates and staff who have worked so hard on this, I ask please do not be discouraged by a few negative thoughts as I have heard more positive than negative.

Anonymous said...

Well written thank you and acknowledgment!
Reading past president Charlie Ruma's comments regarding associates is one of the most insulting messages I have ever read regarding associates in our association. Mr. Ruma should open his eyes and pay attention to who is truly helping the association and who is truly helping themselves. A non voting position on a senior officer team of all builders, and a board that is overwhelmingly builder, will never be Taken over, as his email suggest, by associates. Associates just want to help like they do, admirably, at the local and state associations.
As a builder from Pennsylvania I fully support this.


Joe Dumstorf said...

Great job to all. I haven't been around National as long as many of you, but during the time I have been there, I can honestly say that the concerns that have been mentioned recently seem to be more windmills than soldiers with swords. I have been in the association for 30 years and participated heavily locally where we have had the help and advice from the associates for a long time. Our local voted 14 - 1 in favor of Ammendment #1. That vote came from members who have been in the highest leadership role of the second larges HBA in the country -- Louisville. These are trusted, loyal members of our association who understand what the present has for us as well as what the past has produced. I think that speaks well for the Ammendment. I sincerely hope it is pushed over the goal. NAHB will never regret the decision.