January 15, 2012

"How to Tell Story of Homeownership"

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Message Research Shows How to Tell Story of Homeownership
by  Robert Pflieger, NAHB Senior Vice President for Communications

Robert Pflieger

Homeownership is under attack. Some policy makers in our nation’s capital are even questioning its value. At a time when lawmakers are debating the merits of key housing policies, it is more important than ever to remind the American people of the value of homeownership.

The housing industry must tell a compelling story to remind the American public that homeownership is a key source of pride, peace of mind, accomplishment and security – and to inspire them to take action to protect it.

NAHB has invested significant time and resources to conduct research on the level of knowledge and attitudes of the American public on homeownership. The research showed that Americans see homeownership as a core value. But the research also showed that few Americans are aware of proposals that would make it harder for middle class families to own their own home. It also found that while Americans love homeownership, they are predisposed to change – just a one-third minority solidly supports policies that continue to encourage homeownership.

Using that research, NAHB has begun a broad-based messaging initiative. It is based on a cohesive narrative that engages people’s emotional connection to homeownership, explains the importance of residential construction as an engine of job growth and spurs positive action on behalf of housing.

The vast majority of Americans still desires to own their own home. And homeownership is critical to new jobs and economic growth. It is important that men and women who work in the residential construction industry stand up and explain the importance of homeownership.

NAHB has created an online messaging toolkit to help members tell a compelling story about the value of homeownership. It contains talking points, speeches, op-eds, print ads, letters to the editor and other resources to use with various audiences such as lawmakers, home buyers and the media.

Access the toolkit (limited to NAHB members) at www.nahb.org/messaging.

NAHB is asking all members to be ambassadors for homeownership. Please contact communications@nahb.org if you have any questions about the messaging initiative or toolkit resources. 

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Doug Fenichel, APR said...

Unfortunately, I can't see the message points themselves, but this seems like a great opportunity to engage in a community discussion. With people talking about the market stabilizing and optimism creeping into the media, homebuilders should begin to take part in community discussions that aren't focused directly on sales. Concern about homeownership and the American Dream can resonate when done correctly. These discussions can be used to build or rebuild credibility and recognition, but the messaging (which you now have) and the delivery has to be done right. Ads and advertorials are only part of the mix. This is a chance to be recognized as an expert and work directly with your communities to build reputation, credibility and position. With those traits in hand, lawmakers will listen when you discuss regulations and legislation with them. Good luck!