February 19, 2012

"Meet the Newly Elected NAHB Senior Officer Team"

Placing titles to names, then names with faces, is a way of having our Federation members at home see the actual volunteer leaders who have made a decision to give back to their industry what their/our industry has provided them; a career in the most noble of professions, providing shelter. As you will see and read below, our senior officer team may remind you of leaders at home. In fact, they were, still are, leaders back home. Another way to demonstrate to our Federation members is to follow what our national volunteer leadership is working towards; our industry's recovery. 
Our NAHB senior officers, in particular,Chairman of the Board Barry Rutenberg, need our engaged passion to help them with initiatives designed to help the builder get back to work. If it affects a builder it will affect an associate so the overall goal is to help our entire membership get back to work. While the media keeps touting "job creation" our senior officers are delivering strategic road maps that will help with "job retention" and eventual "job restoration." 

The board of directors in Orlando just experienced a very passionate debate regarding certain by-law amendments, with those in favor engaging the grassroots to support and those opposed equal to the task of messaging. NAHB now needs the membership, who fought hard on both sides of the by-law(s) issue to bring that same enthusiasm, that same passion and that same grassroots outreach, to deliver to our senior officers the membership mobilization needed to help them help all of us. 

NAHB advocacy; political investing, calls to action and grassroots passion uniting builders AND associate members, along side HBA staff giving us all the power of one voice in Washington, DC. That one voice carries with it the echoes hundreds of thousands building industry professionals.

Our newly elected NAHB Senior Officer team, BRAVO!
(From NAHB.org)

NAHB Chairman of the Board
Barry Rutenberg, Gainesville, Fla. 
Taking the reins as 2012 IBS Chairman this month, Barry Rutenberg is president of Barry Rutenberg and Associates, Inc., and has more than 35 years of experience in the housing industry. He has developed more than a dozen communities and 1,000 homes in and around Gainesville. He has also been active in the NAHB leadership structure at the local, state and national levels throughout his career, having served on NAHB’s Board of Directors since 1980 and on more than 25 NAHB committees and councils. He has also served as an NAHB National Vice President representing Florida and Puerto Rico for three two-year terms. Read more here.

NAHB First Vice Chairman
Rick Judson, Charlotte, N.C.

Rick is a builder and developer who owns the Evergreen Development Group. He has several decades of experience in land development and construction of single-family, multifamily and commercial projects. Read more here.

NAHB Second Vice Chairman
Kevin Kelly, Wilmington, Del. 
Kevin has been a builder and developer since he joined Leon N. Weiner & Associates in 1979 and became actively involved in the Home Builders Association of Delaware. His building experience includes land development, multifamily and single-family home building, with an emphasis on affordable housing. Read more here. 

NAHB Third Vice Chairman
Tom Woods, Blue Springs, Mo.
The newest member of the NAHB Senior Officer team, Tom joined the NAHB leadership ladder with his election to the post of Third Vice Chairman during the 2012 International Builders' Show. He is president of T.E. Woods Homes, a company he founded in 1974. His firm has developed scores of communities and more than 1,000 homes in the Greater Kansas City area. Read more here.

NAHB Immediate Past Chairman
Bob Nielsen, Reno, Nev.A leader in the Reno area home building and development industries for more than 25 years, Bob is president of Shelter Properties, a development and management company headquartered in northern Nevada. Read more here.

NAHB Chief Executive Officer
Jerry Howard, Washington, D.C. Jerry heads up NAHB's professional staff working out of the National Housing Center in Washington. He has served as the association's CEO/EVP since February of 2001. Read more here.

Let's also give special acknowledgement to all the past presidents, and now past chairmen, of our Federation, too many to name here on this blog but each extremely special in their leadership efforts and dedication in protecting our industry. Thank you, to all.

click here for the history of NAHB > http://www.nahb.org/NAHB_History/index.html

Submitted by:
Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

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Al Zichella said...

Congratulations to a truly great slate of officers. We are in giid hands at NAHB. Best of luck to Barry and his team in 2012!