March 11, 2012


NAHB's Membership Committee heads into each year with programs that are designed to potentially help the local HBA retain and increase their builder and associate memberships. Some locals utilize the tools, others tend to modify based on their needs. Regardless of how you look at the committee's work know that you have energized and thought provoking volunteers from around the country, working side by side with dedicated and visionary NAHB staff,  developing these programs that are designed to help you with your efforts. 

This week's guest blogger is our NAHB Membership Committee Chairman, Robin Newhouse, an associate member from Virginia. Robin will be sharing exciting and, this part's completely up to YOU, profitable news.
Robin, in bringing you this information, asks the question "can YOU BEAT 2011?"

(Note: The NAHB Associates Group on LinkedIn has started a membership discussion where members and HBA staff from across the Federation are sharing ideas on retention and recruitment. Please click here > for the discussion and contribute your thoughts, suggestions and advise. With the utilization of vehicles such as LinkedIn our Federation can work across the states and bring everyone into NAHB initiatives.)

NAHB: Working on ideas that
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Not to worry, Help is on the way!

by Robin Newhouse
2012 NAHB Membership Committee Chairman

 Now membership equals cold hard cash! Your National Association of Home Builders is stepping up to provide extra support to local HBAs with the announcement of a new membership initiative – the Beat 2011 program.

Now HBAs and Spikes can “cash in” on outstanding membership performance. Local HBAs will receive a special incentive if they grow their Builder and Associate membership by the end of 2012. Any HBA that has, as of the end of the day on December 31st, 2012, a higher Builder and Associate membership total than they had on December 31st, 2011 will receive 50% of their national dues ($75) for every additional Builder and Associate member on their roster above the prior year end total. For example, if your association ended 2011 with 200 Builder and Associate members and finishes 2012 with 220 (20 additional members), you will be eligible to receive a $1,500 incentive, to use as the local sees fit.

Every month, NAHB will recognize the leading local association and Spike from each of the seven size categories. To help sweeten the deal and encourage some friendly competition, these HBAs and Spikes will be put into a monthly drawing for a new iPad (one each for HBAs and Spikes) and will also become eligible for a special year-end grand prize drawing.

Complete details and rules for the Beat 2011 campaign can be found at

"Can YOU BEAT 2011?" 

Submitted by: Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

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Lenny said...

This is one of the best programs NAHB has come up with to help locals with membership. If anyone belongs to NAHB Associate group on LinkedIn there is a great discussion going on about membership with a lot of fabulous ideas posted. Check it out!