April 29, 2012

"30 Seconds; Ready, Begin!"

"What Do You Do?"  

That is a question most associate members, and builders, are asked at general membership meetings after introductions are made. How do you respond when the question is asked of you?
  • I sell lumber?
  • I provide insurance?
  •  I am a sale rep for lighting fixtures?
  • I'm a mortgage broker? 
  • I'm a home builder?
  • I'm a remodeler?
Those are just a few of the many disciplines in the member ranks and those are typically the answers to the question, "what Do You Do?" Quite honestly, nothing exciting there.

You have 30 seconds to present yourself, for the first time. Each person has their own uniqueness, their own brand. Chances are, though, you haven't given it much thought. If you do, great. For those who don't let's discuss this a bit further. 

Let's start with the basics of a 30 Second Commercial:
  • who you are
  • your company's name
  • the product or service you offer
  • the type of customer you provide your product/service for
  • how you are different that your competition 
Seems like more than 30 seconds worth of information but you will be able to streamline after giving it some thought. Take the above information and write it down. After you do, rehearse the answers and blend them together. One tip is to record your 30 second commercial, either just voice or by webcam recording. This would be a better way because you can see yourself deliver the message, facial expressions included. Some would say that in front of a mirror is good as well. It is good, but the video play back is better. You have the chance to "see" how others would see you and hear you.

Your 30 second commercial should be the same for everyone you meet in the association. If, after the person you are talking to has an interest, you can elaborate and turn your your 30 seconds into two minutes. Always remember it's not about you, it's about how interesting the other person finds you through what you have to say.

This blog article will be encouraged to be interactive. There are comment opportunities on the bottom of this article. This blog is also place on LinkedIn and Facebook where there are additional comment opportunities on those two sites. Everyone can help all of us be just a little bit better, so I hope you are not shy (if you are what are you doing in sales?) and contribute. Associates and builders both need to work on their 30 second commercial. Builders are always looking for opportunities in the building industry and they need to be memorable as well. Builders are also selling to potential home buyers, as is all the builder's competitors in the area. What makes you attractive to the customer is that first impression.

Here is a link to a site that can help you even further  "How to Write Your 30 Second Commercial Exercise" (click here)

As the building industry starts to become better, and it certainly is starting to look like it is, it's time for all of us to get back to the basics of networking to improve sales. After all, that is what we are here for within the association, after the need for advocacy for all members.

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Dianne Beaton said...

Great blog post Mike and I will share it with some new members of our association today!

Anonymous said...

Article is very accurate. We are sales professionals but we never practice our professions. Professional athletes just don't go onto to the field or court without hours, each week, of practice. This keeps the sharp and always improving.

This is a great reminder that it's the little things that will make big things happen. Thank you, Michael.