May 25, 2012

"Remembering Those Who Gave So We Could Have”

The simple things in life come to us in a variety of ways; pleasures of a day at the beach, reading a good book, playing a round of golf or maybe just sitting around an open fire and having cigars, cocktails and conversation. 
If we are fortunate enough we are enjoying the love of a significant other, watching our children grow up and then our grand children. Even the simple pleasure of coming home in the evening and having our memories hug us like a long lost friend.

While the weekend barbecues for Memorial Day Weekend are the centerpiece for a holiday weekend and the “official” start of the summer season let’s remember the reason why we can enjoy so many things in our world; our American heroes that gave their lives for the freedom and protection of our lives. Keep them in your heart and mind, not just this weekend but as many days as possible. Let's raise a glass in honor of those we lost,  from The Revolutionary War through today's war in Afghanistan, and let’s celebrate their memory, their sacrifices and their continuing influence on our way of life.

To all those in the home building industry in particular, our prayers for your loved ones lost, but will never be forgotten.

Have a Happy & Safe Memorial Day Weekend.

Homes For Our Troops (click here)

Submitted by:Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

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