June 17, 2012

"Left Click to Maximize Your HBA Membership"

"Time is money." ~ Benjamin Franklin.   
The same could be said of not maximizing all your HBA has to offer. The local HBA offers tremendous career building opportunities, particularly with the educational programs offered and local networking availability.  Your local executive officer can bring you up to date on the many benefits of your particular local and you, as a member, should understand what and where you have invested your dollars. If Mr. Franklin were alive today and he looked at your HBA investment, I'm positive his 2012 version of his quote would be "It's your money. Take the time to learn how you can maximize your investment." Or something like that ;-)

"Links That Could Help Strengthen Your Knowledge"

 One of the best ways to maximize your NAHB membership is to take advantage of certain areas on NAHB.org.  Some of the items below are for members of NAHB. If you are a member you will need to login to NAHB.org to access Login Now (click here)

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What's Next for NAHB Members and Staff?

Special NAHB Reports:

NAHB: Education is Power


Submitted by:
Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

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Joe Dumstorf said...

Great blog Mike. Thank you for all of this information.