June 3, 2012

"NAHB Volunteer Members Are Special; Let's Recognize Them"

 This week's guest blogger is Diana A. Lucero, CGA, CGP, CAPS, an associate member from New Mexico. Diana is The NAHB Associate Members Committee's Advocacy sub-committee vice-chairman. 

Diana also is very active back home local, The HBACNM:
  • Membership Chair
  • Parade Chair
  • Remodelers Council Bowling Tournament Chair
At the state level;
  • New Mexico Home Builders Association's Associate Vice President and Finance Chair
At the National level;
  •  NAHB Board of Directors and BUILD-PAC Trustee

Diana A. Lucero, CGA CGP CAPS
As a longtime member and current Vice-Chair of the Associates Advocacy Committee I realize the importance of recognizing those members that go that extra mile to promote the value and importance of the Home Builders Association.  In order to help recognize these outstanding members, we have three categories of awards that are given out each year.  This year’s awards will be given at the Associates Awards Presentation at the International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas in January, 2013.

The NAHB Associate of the Year and Society of Honored Associates Awards (click here) recognize associate members who have distinguished themselves by their outstanding contributions on the local, state and national levels of the home building industry and to NAHB. 

Each state is invited to submit one nomination for the NAHB Associate of the Year and Society of Honored Associates Awards.  Nominations will be accepted from state presidents, executive officers, or (in states without a state association) NAHB State Representatives.  Nominees must be associate members in good standing with NAHB.  Nominees who have previously been inducted into the NAHB Society of Honored Associates within the last two years will automatically be considered for the 2012 Associate of the Year Award.  These nominees will be given the opportunity to update their entry.

A panel of five impartial judges select up to five outstanding entries.  The most outstanding associate is named Associate of the Year and up to five are inducted into NAHB’s prestigious Society of Honored Associates. 

The NAHB BEAM (Builders Engaging Associate Members) Award (click here and email NAHB's Betty Thweatt for information) is an honor bestowed on one builder member (may be a builder, remodeler or developer) who is chosen, by a committee of Associates, as the one who best exemplifies the motto “it’s good business to do business with a member.”   This award serves to encourage builder members to use the goods and services offered by member companies and to recognize the one builder who exemplifies this vitally important teamwork. 

Your state association will judge all applicants and then submit one builder as the state recipient to NAHB to compete for the 2012 NAHB BEAM Award.  The final decision is not based on the greatest percentage of associate members they use, but also on their relationship with those associates.  Therefore every builder, whether large or small, has an equal opportunity to become the proud recipient of this prestigious award. 
Nominations and additional information regarding this award will be available soon.  .

The Bill Polley BUILD-PAC Award (click here) was established 12 years ago to recognize the most outstanding Associate member advocate of BUILD-PAC, NAHB’s political action committee  on the local, state and national levels.  Named in honor of Bill Polley, the award acknowledges the associate members who best epitomize Bill’s ardent loyalty and support.  All NAHB Associate members are invited to submit nominations.  A three-judge panel will review the nominations.  The judges include a past Associate Committee chair, Associates Advocacy (BUILD-PAC) Subcommittee chair and BUILD-PAC Subcommittee vice-chair. 

The judges select the winner based on his or her demonstrated BUILD-PAC advocacy at ALL levels of NAHB, including:
  •  Leadership roles in BUILD-PAC local, state and national fundraising 
  •       Efforts to increase Associate members’ understanding of the importance of BUILD-PAC and to encourage grassroots participation and growth
  •  Overall enthusiasm and distinguished service
Deadline for nominations is Monday, October 29.

 Acknowledging our members for their accomplishments is a great way to keep them involved.  I encourage all of you to distribute this information and to look in to your membership pool for someone who may be worthy of one of these awards.  Let’s continue to work together to keep our association strong and active.  

If I can be of any assistance, please click on my signature below. Thank you and hope to see you all this week in Washington, DC. 

Note: If you would like to know more about our NAHB Associates Meeting while attending Spring Board, it will be on June 8th, 10:30 AM, at the NAHB Housing Center. If you can't attend in person please attend by webinar:

Friday, June 08, 2012
10:30 AM EDT - 1:00 PM EDT

NAHB Associates Committee
This particular member team is well practiced at utilizing virtual meeting tools. Listen as these members review the status of 2012 priority projects. During this meeting participants will be provided updates on a number of Association Programs (Associate Outreach Network, BUILD-PAC, NAHB Affinity Opportunities, and Education & Designation Offerings). Be a part of this dynamic membership group! Register (click here) to participate now.


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