September 16, 2012

NAHB Associate Members Committee Update

Today's guest blogger is Dianne D. Beaton , our 2012 NAHB Associate Members Committee Chairman. Dianne is one day back from NAHB's 2012 Fall Board Meeting that was held in Austin, Texas. As the saying goes "everything is big in Texas" and Dianne is here to deliver big news.....
NAHB Associate Members Committee Update
by Dianne D. Beaton, CGA, CAPS

Dianne D. Beaton, CGA, CAPS
Over the past few days many of your associate leaders came together in Austin, Texas to discuss topics that help to improve your membership experience.
Some of the topics discussed;

1. Strengthening our involvement in housing advocacy and "in district workweeks" with your congressional delegation.
2. The Designations & Training subcommittee made a recommendation to standing committee to rename the "designation renewal fee" to an "online promotional fee."
3. Leadership & Recognition subcommittee completed the revisions and updates to the chairs, vice chairs and subcommittees duties as well as responsibilities. In addition, they completed the first revision of National Associate Chairman duties and requirements with additional suggestions that were presented during standing committee meeting. The team is working on the revisions of the Associate Members Committee and Associate Outreach Network Reference Guide.

The most exciting section of our meeting was the election of our 2013 National Associate Chairman. We heard from our candidates, Kathy Craven-Snodgrass, North Carolina, and Monica Sommerfeldt-Lewis, Wisconsin. They both gave compelling statements of why they would be the best nominee to represent associate members from across our Federation. 

Dianne D. Beaton and  The 2013 National Associate Chairman, Kathy Craven-Snodgrass

We would like to congratulate Kathy Craven-Snodgrass who was selected by our committee to lead our associates and will be installed during the 2013 International Builders Show, Las Vegas, Nevada.

I would like to personally thank Kathy and Monica for stepping forward. Both ran exceptional campaigns. As with any contested election, emotions run high and each handled the pressures of this process with grace and professionalism.

At this meeting we opened up nominations for the 2013 Associate BUILD-PAC Chairman officer position. Please send request to me (click here) by September 28th, 2012 along with a bio and reasons why you believe you would be qualified for this role.

To end our meeting we heard from Steve Holzer, NAHB BMIT Integration subcommittee. The IT Integration Subcommittee of the Business Management and Information Technology (BMIT) committee has identified Building Information Modeling (BIM) as an advance in technology that will greatly impact our industry in the near future.

The Building SMART Alliance (a council of the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) is charged with the development of the National Building Information Modeling Standard for the United States (NBIMS-US).  The Building Smart Alliance is also a chapter of Building Smart International, an ISO Standards body. They are working to put in place a Memorandum of Agreement between the Building Smart Alliance and NAHB. This agreement would give us a seat on the Board of Directors of the Building Smart Alliance as well as (5) additional memberships that we can utilize to have our members participate in the workgroups to develop the next version of the NBIMS-US (Version 3).If you are interested in learning more about the Smart Alliance please get in touch with Stephen J. Holzer.

We look forward to hopefully seeing as many of you as possible at our next Associate Members Committee, also during the 2013 International Builders Show.

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Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP 

Immediate Past NAHB Associate Members Committee Chairman
Immediate Past NAHB National Associate Chairman

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Diana Lucero said...

Meetings were very productive. We are very fortunate to have such an experienced and passionate group of folks participating in the Associates Committee.

Michael LeCorgne said...

The meetings were in Austin were informative and insightful. Congratulations to Kathy in becoming the new National Associate Chair and the positive campaigns both she and Monica ran. We gain a new leader of the associates, to continue the works of Ann, Mike, Robin, etc., while maintaining that dynamic fireball, Monica to help John Sizemore's associate team next year. Well done Dianne on keeping the forward movement of the Associates in this Federation!