September 23, 2012

"The Basics of Selling to Builders 101"

Today's post announces a series of educational blog posts designed to help associates understand their career and those they need to have a successful career. The posts will go "old school" on some occasions and "21st century" on others. 
As the building industry begins its ascent from the deepest bottom we have ever experienced some will be experiencing something that hasn't happened to them yet; a need for a product or service. Some may remember what it was like when busy meant writing orders or signing contracts, not busy just looking for opportunities. Some may have had a "book of business" and have had successes but the industry has changed dramatically and what had worked to bring, maintain and grow business, may not be the "new" building industry's way to continue with what was.

The first post, starting next week, will describe the differences between a sales person and a "B.I.S.P." (I know you're curious about the "B.I.S.P.") Then our topics will take us to what impacts builders have experienced, your competitors, the sales cycle, must do's and absolute don'ts as well as relationship selling (yes, it's always going to be about relationships).

Enjoy your first full day of Autumn, everyone.

If you have any suggestions for articles in the future, or you would like to be a guest blogger, click on my name below and contact me. Posts must somehow be relevant to our NAHB membership and not a commercial for your product or service.

Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP 

Past NAHB Associate Members Committee Chairman
Past NAHB National Associate Chairman

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