January 6, 2013

"New Year's Resolutions; "This Year I Will...!"

Welcome to a New Year with an old way to start..... New Year's resolutions. You know them; every 2nd day of the year (because the 1st day is still a holiday and doesn't count!) you make a list of things you'd like to change or improve upon for the upcoming year. Some make it a full week while some say "wait till next year." Still others have the willpower to  achieve the changes they were looking for and, in fact make it a lifestyle change for good.

2013 looks like it could finally be the year of sustained building industry recovery. As our industry recovers we will also experience, hopefully, a resurgence of our local home builders associations (HBA). This resurgence will only help the state HBAs as well as NAHB. What we all should resolve to do this year, if we aren't already doing so, is to be better members. This isn't to say that you aren't a good member so please, take no offense. I'd like to think I'm a good member but I know there are areas that I can improve. Below are some suggestions for you, the builder & associate member as well as a few for the non member who may be reading this blog.

New Year’s Resolutions for Builders:

  1. Do business with active associates – If you believe in what your association does for you, in terms of industry advocacy which helps with the bottom line, doing business with those who volunteer their time to generate new members and net profits from HBA fundraisers is a very good resolution to be a better member. The associates on the sidelines will see the increased business opportunities the active associates are experiencing and will look to become engaged within the HBA as well. This translates into a stronger HBA meaning a stronger advocacy arm for builders.
  2. Make sure that all your suppliers, service providers and sub contractors are members of the HBA. If it affects builders it will affect these trade partners as well; why should they not be a member like you? They benefit from your success they should invest to protect that success. 
  3. Volunteer:
  • Serve as an officer for your HBA.
  • Serve as a board member for your HBA
  •  If you have accomplished the first two items look to be a mentor for the new or younger builder members of your HBA.

New Year’s Resolutions for Associates:
  1. Look to recruit builder members from your accounts list. See which of your accounts are not members of the HBA and invite them to meetings. Most HBAs should have a program in place for a complimentary general membership for prospective members. 
  2. If you are not an active associate look to volunteer your time on one committee. Just one. 60 minutes (approximately) per month and you are helping the HBA.
  3. Already an active associate? Look to recruit one new volunteer a month for your HBA. There are members on the sidelines that may want to be engaged; they just need to sometimes be asked.
  4. Associates do business with associates as well. Look to the associate members who are active if they have a service or supply you may need. If not active, look to the membership directory.

New Year’s Resolutions for non members of the HBAs –
  1. No more free rides!! -  Why are you on the outside looking in? Help your career by helping the only true organized entity that is for YOUR advocacy. You invest in your company with employees, equipment, office space and the coverage that insurance gives you in protection. Why not invest in the local HBA that serves to protect you?
  2.  Join!
These are only suggestions and I'm sure you could debate the value of all or any. The focus should be what can you do to be a better member, a better building industry professional? The first week of January is almost over but it's never to late to begin. Happy New Year!

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Monica Lewis said...

Another good reminder to get active and support the Association that supports your industry.