February 25, 2013

"As the Housing World Turns: NAHB's Spring Forecast"

Today's guest blogger has contributed to "Association Maximization" before; Dr. David Crowe. NAHB's Chief Economist. The annual housing forecast has been a ritual for many members over the years and Dr. Crowe has always brought much needed information that has helped with direction of our own business strategies.

This webinar is not just for builders and remodelers; it's also for the suppliers, trades and service providers that call the building industry their career.
A suggestion would be to have a special meeting within your HBA office to participate as a group. Maybe you have a committee that works on economic trends or your associates committee could focus one meeting around this event to understand how business opportunities could be affected. Local HBAs have done this before and the group enjoyed a change in the usual agenda. 
You might be thinking "why the pink tie?" The pink tie is Dr. Crowe's trademark for delivering good housing & economic news to our national board of directors. 

It's been a long time but maybe, just maybe, the pink tie will make a lasting appearance.

"As the Housing World Turns: NAHB's Spring Forecast"
Dr. Crowe
                                             by  Dr. David Crowe, NAHB Chief Economist

The Construction Forecast webinar offers those in the home building industry an opportunity to get an up-to-date, accurate and detailed look at the industry in a brief two-hour session.  On April 24 at 2 pm ET, I will be joining  Maury Harris, the  nationally recognized Chief US Economist for international banking giant UBS, as well as my NAHB colleague regional economist Robert Denk.  
As economists, we will give you insight into what the economy looks like now and where it is most likely to go this year and next as well as an in-depth review of the three major home building segments: remodeling, multifamily and single-family.  Maury brings expertise on international trends, Federal Reserve policy and mortgage market issues.  Robert knows individual markets and will describe the vast differences in recovery rates.  I will bring a quarter-century of knowledge on housing and numerous telling surveys of the home building industry.  The slides will be available for download and you can ask questions during the broadcast for live responses from these highly recognized economists.

Plot Twists, Intrigue and Bar Graphs

Issues and topics to be discussed:
  • Improving house prices
  • Increasing number of improving markets
  • Housing's return as an economic leader
  • Building material prices
  • Availability and cost of labor
  • Fiscal, tax and regulatory changes
Wednesday, April 24, 2:00 to 4:00 PM ET. 

Register now by clicking here: Pay just one low registration price per site—invite your whole team in to watch. Register now and download the Forecast at your convenience after the live event!
And don't forget, you can ask questions directly through the webinar interface. I’m looking forward to it!

Note: Please head to Housing Now TV: Ep. 6 - Leading Economists Share Housing Market Predictions (click here)
for additional economic conversation.


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