March 11, 2013

"The National Associate Leadership Triumvirate"

A little over two years ago, January  2011, "Association Maximization, the Blog" (AMB) was created as an extension of the Association Maximization seminar/ workshop created in 2000. AMB took the concentrated discussion of the best ways to maximize your association investment and involvement and blended it with other areas of the local, state and national HBAs.
AMB started out slowly as a viable source of information but as each issue was published the readership grew and many local HBAs have asked permission to reprint articles for their own publications. The affect of a member driven blog, for the benefit of all members, has  achieved its purpose; maximization. Today's blog is number 100 and AMB will take a trip back to where it started in January '11 as a communication vehicle to highlight what nationally engaged associates are delivering to help the two-thirds of NAHB membership, the associates, at the local level. Helping associates maximize their dues investment will lead to stronger non dues investments. This helps the local home builders association gain financial strength which helps NAHB and their strength for the fight for housing at the national level.

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"The National Associate Leadership Triumvirate"

Symbol for the Power of 3
During the early years of the Roman Empire the unofficial political alliance of Gaius Julius Caesar, Marcus Licinius Crassus and Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus was known as "The First Triumvirate," a sharing of power by three. "The Second Triumvirate" is the name historians give to the official political alliance of Octavian (later known as Augustus), Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, and Mark Antony. 
The sharing of power, the sharing of responsibility and the sharing of titled leadership status marks the brand of any leadership triumvirate and, as the more successful triumvirs will explain, all three need to check their egos and work together.

At the national level of NAHB associate leadership we have  version of a triumvirate. No, I'm not comparing our national associate leadership to the Roman Empire. I am referencing how sometimes it is best to have segmented leadership and that there is a unique leadership structure in place at the national level, all designed to help our Federation in many ways working in synergy, as a team with ego on lock down and a majority of membership to engage.

The National Associate Chairman: this position works with 15 builder National Area Chairmen (NAC), through action and guidance, for the priorities of The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The 15 NACs have oversight of certain areas within the U.S. and those areas include of multiple states and Puerto Rico. The National Associate Chairman has oversight of two-thirds of our membership, the associate membership. This role is designed to bring associate initiatives, questions and concerns to the National Area Chairmen and the senior officers of NAHB (builder leadership). The National Associate Chairman works with builder leadership to understand "all things" that are positive and negative for our building industry and will break down the information, through personal knowledge and staff guidance, and highlight what it means to all associates at the grass roots/ local level. The National Associate Chairman is a conduit for flow of information and is the official spokesperson for associate members through out the country. If it affects builders it will affect associates. If it affects associates it will affect the vast majority of dues and non dues revenue. This position makes sure that all concerned have a voice.
The National Associate Chairman, like the builder National Area Chairmen, is a junior officer of and an executive committee member of NAHB.

The Associate BUILD-PAC Vice Chairman: this position was created two years ago by the BUILD-PAC officers and given a two year trial run.  It was officially recognized by vote of the BUILD-PAC trustees as a permanent BUILD-PAC officer position during IBS 2013.The Associate BUILD-PAC Vice Chairman's role is to work with the BUILD-PAC officers and staff on PAC's initiatives, work with national associate volunteers to help with BUILD-PAC awareness and overall advocacy awareness which includes BuilderLink activism (find out more and register by clicking here) and encouraging associate members to attend the annual Legislative Conference where members gather on The Hill to meet with their legislators on housing issues. Two years ago NAHB declared advocacy as it's number one priority and the Associate BUILD-PAC Vice Chairman's role is to help in ensuring that message is spread.

The Associate Members Committee Chairman: this position is an executive committee position as well. The role of the chairman is to manage the initiatives of the committee through the sub committee chairs responsible for;
  1.  Associate Advocacy: to increase PAC investments through fundraising & BuilderLink participants. This sounds easy, but have you ever tried to get members to reach into their wallets? This committee works in tandem with the Associate BUILD-PAC Vice Chairman to help with NAHB #1 priority.
  2. Leadership & Recognition: various awards: Associate of the Year, Bill Polley BUILD-PAC Award (click here), The BEAM Award (click here) and The Chairman's  Award for outstanding committee volunteerism. This sub committee is also responsible for the induction of associates into the Society of Honored Associates during the Associate Appreciation Awards Breakfast during the International Builders Show.
  3. Designations & Training: responsible for associate leadership training (click here), BUILD-PAC Peer 2 Peer training (click here) as well as multiple NAHB designations such as the Certified Graduate Associate (CGA) designation. 
The NAHB Associate Members Committee also has  two working groups;
  1. Associate Outreach Network (click here): a communications vehicle that delivers/receives NAHB information to/from the local associate leadership using the best source; direct communication by Associate to Associate. This group's role is extremely important as it made great strides, starting in 2011, to make every effort to make contact with the actively engaged associates at the local level. This system enhances the efforts of the three in person meetings a year that take place during the year and make "two way street." member to member communications a continuing effort through the utilization of email, social media and good old fashioned conversation.
  2. Strategic Planning: from the committee start of year to it's conclusion, the sub chairs work together to ensure the initiatives for that year are on or ahead of schedule, tweaking the initiatives as they take shape to maximize the national volunteers efforts.

  2013 National Associate Leadership "Triumvirate"

The 2013 Associate Members Committee Leadership

To find out more about the national level of associate volunteerism and how it good provide value for you;
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