April 1, 2013

"A Moment in Time, a Passing of a Friend"

There is a moment in time when you recall meeting someone for the first time. As time moves from one point to another, this is where relationship either takes hold or fades away. I remember the moment in time when an associate leader from Michigan, Ann Garvey, was telling me about this volunteer that was becoming active nationally and I should get to know this associate. Ann Hagen, a member from Florida, was the volunteer I was introduced to during The International Builders Show  (IBS) 2011. It was at this moment in time I recognized a special individual. 
As that moment moved to the next several, I learned more about Ann Hagen from Barry Rutenberg, a home builder from Florida and immediate past NAHB Chairman of the Board, about the type of volunteer Ann was and how valuable she could be to our initiatives on our national Associate Members Committee. I also learned more about Ann from Ann herself. I found out that she had cancer but in spite of her illness she gave 100% and excelled as an associate volunteer, a true leader.  

Looking back I realized Ann Garvey and Barry Rutenberg were extremely accurate in their description of Ann Hagen. At the Associate Appreciation Awards Breakfast, during IBS 2012, I had the honor of choosing the first recipient of the "Chairman's Award" given to the associate who went above and beyond the call of duty on behalf of the NAHB Associate Members Committee. Ann Hagen was clearly outstanding and was my choice for this award. My moments in time with Ann were short but exceptional and our national associate volunteers felt the same way about their moment in time with Ann.

Ann Hagen passed away this past Easter Weekend. The Florida Home Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders lost a valued friend, and an inspirational leader.

Ann Garvey reached out to me and wanted to share her thoughts; "Ann was a thoughtful and quiet leader. Her life was cut short, but her spirit and love of life and the builders association carries on. She is missed

Ann's fellow NAHB associate national volunteers, who worked side by side with Ann, express our deepest condolences and prayers for Ann, her family, her association family and her friends.  

Godspeed, our friend

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If you would like to share your thoughts and prayers about and for Ann Hagen, please post them below in the comments section. 


Flagler Homebuilder said...

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. We will miss her greatly, but look at the legacy she has left us all!

Diana Lucero said...

I did not know her very long, but she was a sweet lady who greeted you with a smile and made you feel like anything you had to say was important. I am sure she will be missed by many!

Lanny Tillery said...

Ann did not allow her illness to dampen her spirit. She was always willing to contribute her time and efforts. She will be missed by all that knew her.

Ann Garvey said...

At fall board when her son accompanied Ann to dinner and libations ...I meet up with them late in the evening... Ann laughed because younger girls looked at her like she was a "cougar"....and guys looked at her son like how would she be with 'him'... she loved it and you know so did her son... Her life was cut short, but her spirit and love of life and the builders association carries on. She is missed.

Ann Garvey said...
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Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP said...

Ann Garvey; great anecdote :)

I know how special Ann was to you. Thank you for opening my eyes to the type of person she was.

Visionary Diva said...

I met Ann in 2010 at one of our meetings at NAHB, she always had a warm smile and kind hello. At one particular Area Caucus meeting she stepped forward to be the Associate Committee representative to help carry our messages and updates to her associate members. On a few occasions we did speak about her challenges with her battle with cancer but assured me that she would be fine.

We have lost a dear friend and well respected member, she carried the burden of cancer with grace and strength...she has a wonderful soul that will surely be embraced in the arms of the Lord.

Rest in peace my friend

Mary V. Danielsen said...


You should mail a copy of this post to her family. They will appreciate it When we lose someone so young, so inspiring and vivacious, we want to hold on to their memory. She left her extended homebuilding family a beautiful legacy to follow. I'm grateful you wrote it for all to see.