April 15, 2013

"Introducing the 2013 BUILD-PAC Chairman, Greg Peek"

This issue of "AM" welcomes Gregory Peek, the 2013 BUILD-PAC Chairman for The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Rick Judson, NAHB 2013 Chairman of the Board, chose Greg to lead our BUILD-PAC because "Greg is experienced in the political process to the point that he realizes the enormous importance of the NAHB advocacy efforts to generate results for our industry. His sincerity, hard work, and commitment to our industry goals make him the perfect choice as this year’s BUILD-PAC chairman.”
Greg's bio demonstrates his commitment to family, business and association. His passion for home building led him to his his role with BUILD-PAC. 
Biography: Greg is vice president of ERGS Properties, and is a third generation developer and builder in Reno, Nevada.   After working more than ten years on the Washington, DC legislative staff of congresswomen Barbara Vucanovich (NV) and Helen Chenoweth (ID), Greg joined his father in the family business in 2000.  He is active at the local, state and federal levels of the National Home Builders Association.  He was the local president in 2008 and the NV state president in 2009 & again in 2013.  With NAHB, Greg has been served on numerous committees and councils, including chairing both FGAC and Build PAC, and is currently the State Rep from Nevada.  He also is active locally in various charitable and civic organizations.  Greg holds a bachelor degree from Colorado State University, law degree from Catholic University and masters in business administration from the University of Nevada.  Greg is an avid golfer, mountain biker, cyclist, skier and enjoys a regular game of racquetball.  He and his wife, Leslie, have two young boys.

 "My Message to our NAHB members"
Gregory Peek, the 2013 BUILD-PAC Chairman 

Greg Peek
It is an honor to serve as your 2013 chairman of BUILD-PAC.  With the 2012 election behind us, we now have a clearer view of the political landscape and the issues we face, and BUILD-PAC plays a critical role in our ability to respond.  I am excited for our future.  

The nation’s economy has changed.  Our industry has changed.  Our federation has changed.  And so has BUILD-PAC.  Over the past several years, the BUILD-PAC trustees have revised its bylaws and restated its policies to make us more nimble and responsive to the political environment.  By placing an emphasis on Trustee involvement with members of congress and housing issue awareness, we are all better able to take our message to NAHB, to educate them about the importance of BUILD-PAC, and to connect the dots between the importance of BUILD-PAC and what it means to their business at home. 

My primary goal as your 2013 chair is to continue to build on our positive momentum in outreach.  Making permanent the Associate Vice Chair as part of the BUILD-PAC officers is a key part of expanding our outreach efforts.  We are reaching out to every aspect of our federation.  Whether the Board of Directors, the National Area Chairman, the State Representatives, the councils, committees, caucuses, builders, remodelers, suppliers or associates, we are reaching out to take our message about the importance of BUILD-PAC to every corner.  We will work hard to continue to educate our own membership about the critical role of BUILD-PAC.

When asked why I spend so much time advocating for NAHB, it’s a quick, simple answer:  I believe in home ownership.  I truly believe that when someone buys a home, they are placing a stake in their community.  When someone owns a home, they care about their community.  Home ownership is a statement to the world, “Hey, I care about what goes on here.”  It is the homeowner who volunteers their time to coach little league, serve on the PTA, and work as a Girl Scouts leader.  Owning a home creates a sense of pride and accomplishment.  It is the homeowner that makes the community.  

We, members of NAHB, build communities.  We should all take pride in that.  I do.  And BUILD-PAC is a critical part.

I know that everyone on the BUILD-PAC officer team is committed to our success.  Please join us in our efforts by clicking on the logo.

I am honored to serve you and I sincerely look forward to the upcoming year. Thank you for your support! 

 BUILD-PAC: Builders United In Legislative Decisions Political Action Committee


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S. Robert August said...

Congratulations Greg!
Our industry and federation need your help!
ONwards and UPwards!