April 22, 2013

"The Local HBA Cycle for Success"

The power of 3 comes in many forms and today's blog may be obvious to some and a complete mystery to most. If it's obvious to you take this as a refresher and share the article with your local home builders association (HBA). If the article helps to clear the fog about the real reason you joined your local HBA I would hope you share with your employer, employees and building industry peers who are not yet members.

 All hail the power of 3. And why shouldn't we? Some of the best things in life come in threes. For example; 
  1. birth
  2. experience of life   
  3. eternal happiness (if you have faith)

  1. dating
  2. marriage
  3. family

  1. good health
  2. sharp mind
  3. great attitude 
I'm sure if you look at other parts of your life or career you would find a lot of threes.  Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. 
Our home builders association (HBA) world is similar with good things coming in threes;

  1. a vibrant local HBA
  2. active state HBA (or an attitude of team spirit with state-wide initiatives within states that have no state HBA)
  3. a grass roots member awareness and understanding of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) which leads to a healthy and much needed HBA unity across the country
 There is another HBA 3 that I would like to highlight and those 3 are......

The HBA Membership Cycle for Success
(my opinion)
  1. Builders need a viable HBA for its watchdog efforts in protecting the advancement of the home building industry as well its “strength in numbers voice.”
  2. Associates need builders to actually build in order to stay in business.
  3. The local HBA needs active members to help keep the local financially healthy which helps the local be the industry watchdog. Since close to 90% of all non dues revenue comes from associates, as well as over 60% dues revenue, it is safe to say that the HBA needs the associate member to be successful in sales.
The cycle starts at number 1 and can not be broken or interrupted. The builder's business would be hampered enormously without the HBA and the ability to produce homes would be affected. If a builder is affected, the associate will be affected. And if members in general, associates in particular, are affected then the HBA becomes affected. We three need each other, always have and always will.

Some may disagree with my opinion and others may have not quite envisioned the above cycle until reading this blog. If you are a member directly impacted by "all things housing," or have at least 50% of your business relying on a healthy building industry, I would ask that you just consider the above cycle as having some merit. 

I would ask you to think about something else; without the HBA Cycle for Success you would have a weakened state and national association because all members are local. All association volunteer leaders come from the local level. All dues come from the local level. 

We are finally seeing a recovery from the Great Building Industry Depression and the survivors are beginning to reinvest in their infrastructure as business opportunities growThe Local HBA Cycle for Success needs an infusion of time, talent and treasurer as well and the below three suggestions will greatly help the continuation and strengthening of the cycle;

1. Builders; now is the time to reinvest in your associate members and engage them in business. Make sure that those who you give checks for product or service are investing in the association, at the very least, in duesAttending HBA functions would be a great way to help the local by establishing business opportunities for all members for those attending as well.

2. Associates; now is the time to invest or return to investing in your local HBA. Those sponsorships provide net profits for operating expenses so the locals can thrive. Your time as a volunteer on a committee would be of great help to the local and you would expand your business network by making new contacts or growing established ones.

3. Local HBA; keep being the eyes and ears of our industry and rally all the voices to speak as one to protect building as well as working towards general membership meetings and special events that provide substantial value and entertainment for your members. Make sure you incorporate updates and initiatives from all levels of membership, not just local.

From the ashes grows a sapling, a new start and so it is for the cycle as our building industry continues.


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