May 27, 2013

"Before You Know It.... The International Builders Show '14"

There is an unwritten law, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," and it is also a rallying cry for people who like to be adventurous when visiting the city. Las Vegas and conventions go together like, well, Las Vegas and conventions! I do have to break the unwritten law  and let you know what happened in Vegas last year and for those who attended. They experienced something they hadn't experienced in quite a few years (relax and exhale, I'm talking about the show); enthusiasm and excitement for the building industry. Exhibitors who expressed optimism by the floor traffic, industry professionals who had a chance to actually talk about products that they'll be using in, wait for it, NEW PROJECTS! Association volunteers, both builder and associate, feeling a renewed energy. 

And guess what?

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is heading back to the West's version of the "city that never sleeps"  for the International Builders Show and, with the housing recovery looking like it's taking a firm hold, our members and industry peers are as enthusiastic as they have been in years about attending. And why not? Nowhere on earth will you find a singular show as large and complete as this show.

Randy Strauss, this year's convention chairman and home builder from Amherst, Ohio, would like to share a few thoughts with you and get you to start thinking "Vegas, Baby!"

"Before You Know It.... The International Builders Show '14"
by Randy Strauss, NAHB Conventions & Meetings Chairman

As NAHB’s Convention Chairman, it is my job to be really excited about the upcoming International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas.   But let me tell you why this show will be different and has this 34 year veteran of IBS watching the calendar in anticipation.   NAHB and the IBS have joined forces with the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s “Kitchen & Bath Industry Show”, known as KBIS.  
The two largest and most important industry shows will be held in the same place at the same time in the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Your IBS badge will give you access to both trade show floors.  A greater range of products than we’ve ever seen at IBS will be yours to see next February 4-6.  KBIS attendees will be able to visit the IBS floor as well.  What an awesome deal, two shows for one!  

For suppliers who serve the home-builder and the kitchen and bath design markets, this is nirvana.  Both audiences at one show.  The whole range of specifiers, design and construction professionals should make marketers heads spin with opportunity.

NAHB and NKBA have taken the partnership even further and have dubbed that week, “Design and Construction Week”.  Residential construction associations and organizations are being invited to join us in Las Vegas creating for what will certainly be the most important industry gathering of the year.

Of course IBS will deliver what we have always come to expect…. great events like Opening Ceremonies and the Spike Party/IBS Concert, world class education, and more networking opportunities than any other event.

So I love my job!  I can’t wait and hope you share my excitement.  

Registration opens September 3 at .

See you in Vegas!

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP
Note: Due to the NAHB Spring Board Meeting & Legislative Conference during the week of June 3rd, Association Maximization will not be published next Monday but will be back on June 10th.

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May 20, 2013

Associate Members: "Join Us!"

Today's blog article is by John Sizemore, an associate member from Kentucky. John, who works for 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, is a dedicated member who believes in investing time as a volunteer for our association. John has done this at the local and state levels and now he is giving at the national level, leading a committee dedicated to helping associates back home with their own industry education and professional growth.

I've known John for several years and I would like to invite you to get to know him as well, and his 2013 leadership team.
Chairman's  Message
John Sizemore 
2013 NAHB Associate Members Committee Chairman

John Sizemore
Dear Associate Member:

As associates your attendance helps every elected official recognize how BIG the building industry is, and demonstrates how any legislation that affects a builder will affect many additional companies and their employees.

Engaging our least participating associate to the level of our most engaged members make our efforts more united.  This year’s Legislative Conference will be on Wednesday June 5th in Washington DC. This is not your typical conference. It is actually your day to be briefed on the issues NAHB needs Congress to fully understand and then take that knowledge to Capitol Hill to educate Senators and Representatives from your state about what is important to our industry.
We need associates from every state to take part in these important NAHB advocacy efforts with your fellow state members, both builder and associate. We need you, in particular, to be the person responsible for spreading the word about Associate Advocacy efforts in your state. This includes political fundraisingBuilderLink sign-ups, and help other associates understand the value of NAHB’s Legislative Conference.

While many members may not be familiar with the NAHB and what it truly means to them as a benefit, I can most assuredly say, my dues investment, has paid me and my company dividends many times over.  NAHB associate members need to be kept informed on the latest legislative, regulatory and other policy developments concerning our members, but also the consumer who seeks to purchase a part of the American Dream.  Home Ownership!   Associates are a vital component of the solution by becoming involved with NAHB’s Advocacy policies that promote a positive economic and regulatory environment that is critical for our industry. Important too, is that you don't have to be a builder to be involved.

One of the Associate Members Committee’s goal, how we can best engage our least participating associate to the level of our most engaged members.  Keeping all informed on each of the sub committees accomplishment though out the year.  As Associate leaders we are dedicated to making sure that the members at the local HBAs are up to date on NAHB’s initiatives that are designed to protect and grow home building.  The phrase “if ‘it’ affects builders, ‘it’ will affect associates” is being widely utilized as a common sense “battle cry” for grass roots member mobilization and helping newer members to grow and understand the real reason for the home builders association.

During your Attending of the 2013 Spring Board Meeting I encourage you to join BuilderLink make an investment in our Associate BUILD-PAC drive. Get to know what our National Associate Leadership is concentrating on:

  • Growing Membership: Recruitment Efforts-Stronger Advocacy & Profitability
  • New Capital Market: Improve funding available for builders
  • Non Dues Revenue: Increase non-dues revenue at all levels
  • Networking: Increase virtual and real-time communications
  • Digital Communications: Improve Website and Technology infrastructure

Networking is also highly recommended while attending Spring Board and no better place than our Associates Open Door Event. Meet associates from all over The Federation and build your social capital.  When the event is over and it’s time to head home maintain these relationships through our NAHB Associates social media vehicles  Facebook, and LinkedIn.  2013 our Social Media avenues continue to expand, proving to be one of the best methods for communications. We are reaching more, and more members in the most efficient and effective way. Through these methods of communications, our members will be kept informed of the most important issues that affect the value of our Association.  

The NAHB Associate Leadership is looking forward to working with all of you and we look forward to a united working group of associates from every state in our Federation. 

Remember, “if ‘it’ affects builders, ‘it’ will affect associates” and together we will help protect the building industry.

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May 13, 2013

"Coming Soon to a Local HBA Near You.... September"

It's the middle of May; why bypass the summer and talk about September?? 

Because September is "Associate Appreciation Month!" Once a year, the month of September is dedicated as a celebration of and for our associate members, more specific, our actively engaged associate members. These associates give time (volunteerism), talent (strategic thoughts to help with any one given initiative) and treasure (political contributions, sponsorships & event registration). The time part is what's important because these associates are taking time out of their respective work day, when they could be out selling their product or service and earning income, to help their particular HBA with events. During the past 5 years some of your more passionate associate volunteers "manned the fort" to make sure their HBA survived during the recession. Associate Appreciation Month is just for September but a "thank you" to associates should be year round by making sure your builder members give associates every opportunity to secure business.

Below are just a few items (with the link following) that you could think about now to implement for September. It's the "right thing to do" and today's associate would be very appreciative and the associates from the past will smile as well because they left their mentees in great shape to succeed on the HBA's behalf.

Some sample items:
  • "Do Business With A Member" campaign art for your home page
  • Top 10 Reasons to Do Business with an Active Associate Member -- a handout for your board and membership
  • 50 Associate Member Appreciation Ideas -- to discuss with your leaders
  • HBA Proclamation template to fill out and post
  • Sample column for your HBA president to publish in the September newsletter
Here is the direct link for all your Associate Appreciation Month needs:
Associate Members Appreciation Month (click here)

Submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

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May 6, 2013

"NAHB: Not What, Who?"

The general member sees a logo and knows, hopefully, that it represents the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Those who knows NAHB understands that NAHB is our national membership organization and if you visit you will find information that will will possibly give you a very good understanding of what your national membership provides to you. From "The association is member-driven, with more than 2,200 members who serve on the association’s Board of Directors, which elects the association’s Senior Officers and helps set the association’s agenda." NAHB's mission & vision (click here) is clearly defined as well.  
What NAHB is to you is a matter of opinion. Who is NAHB? It is members and staff, just like you. Association Maximization would like to provide for you with an overview of the "who" so you can place names and positions within the "what."

Meet the NAHB 2013 Senior Officers and Read Their Bios (click here)

Rick Judson, Chairman of the Board
Kevin Kelly, First Vice Chairman of the Board
Tom Woods, Second Vice Chairman of the Board
Ed Brady, Third Vice Chairman of the Board
Barry Rutenberg, Immediate Past Chairman of the Board
Gerald M. Howard, Chief Executive Officer
click picture to enlarge

2013 National Area Chairmen
NAHB's National Area Chairmen are elected by the Board of Directors to represent the interests and concerns of members from their area and the interests of Associate members.They work closely with the Senior Officers of the Board, forming a vital communications link between NAHB and the leaders and members in each area as well as Associate members.
Ted Mahoney Area 1
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
Bill Tuyn
Area 2
New Jersey, New York
Steve Black
Area 3

Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia
James "Bugsy" GravesArea 4 Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina
Chuck Fowke, 2013 Moderator
Area 5

Florida, Puerto Rico
John Brumley
Area 6
Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia
Timothy Neal
Area 7

Alabama, Tennessee
Eddie Duran
Area 8
Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi
Joanne Theunissen
Area 9

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan
Duane Bickett
Area 10
Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin
Carl Harris
Area 11

Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma
Eddie Martin
Area 12
Mike Sivage
Area 13

Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming
Dan Lloyd
Area 14
California, Hawaii
Richard Smith
Area 15

Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington
Kathy Craven Snodgrass National Associate Chairman

2013 State Representatives The State Representatives serve as the primary representative from each state to NAHB’s Executive Board. They provide service and information on issues of NAHB policy to the affiliated associations within their respective states and represent the views of those associations on the NAHB Executive Board.
AK - Claiborne Porter
AL - Sonny Richardson
AR - Emily Rucker
AZ - Steve Canatsey
CA - Jeff Pemstein
CO - Bob Peterson
CT - George LaCava
DE - Steven Bomberger
FL - Karen Koelemiji
GA - Jerry Konter
HI - Karen Nakamura
IA - Don Beal
ID - Jeff Wade
IL - Mike Nagel
IN - Michael Bell
KS - Tony Zimbelman
KY - Glen Stuckel
LA - Phillip Hoffman, Sr., 2013 Moderator
MA - Lawrence Kady
MD - Charles Ellison
ME - Carl Chretien
MI - Lynne Pratt
MN - Kathleen Ostrom
MO - Robert Frost
MS - Charlie Sanders
MT - Eugene Graf
NC - Erik Anderson
ND - John Gunkelman
NE - Allen Barber
NH - Greg Rehm
NJ - Dean Mon
NM - Peter Merrill
NV - Greg Peek
NY - Todd Loscombe
OH - Randy Strauss
OK - Brandon Perkins
OR - Tom Skaar
PA - Ray Venema
PR - Agustin Mujica
RI - Barbara Gallison
SC - Marc Ellis
SD - Mel Zelmer
TN - Edward Zarb
TX - (To be determined)
UT - Paul Magleby
VA - Michael Newsome
VT - Linda LaCroix
WA - Patrick McBride
WI - Ronald Derrick
WV - Dale Oxley
WY - Frank Cole

NAHB Functional Organization Structure (click here) 

NAHB Board of Directors General Information (click here)

NAHB Committees (click here)

NAHB Councils (click here)

click on picture to enlarge
click on picture to enlarge

Submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP
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