May 13, 2013

"Coming Soon to a Local HBA Near You.... September"

It's the middle of May; why bypass the summer and talk about September?? 

Because September is "Associate Appreciation Month!" Once a year, the month of September is dedicated as a celebration of and for our associate members, more specific, our actively engaged associate members. These associates give time (volunteerism), talent (strategic thoughts to help with any one given initiative) and treasure (political contributions, sponsorships & event registration). The time part is what's important because these associates are taking time out of their respective work day, when they could be out selling their product or service and earning income, to help their particular HBA with events. During the past 5 years some of your more passionate associate volunteers "manned the fort" to make sure their HBA survived during the recession. Associate Appreciation Month is just for September but a "thank you" to associates should be year round by making sure your builder members give associates every opportunity to secure business.

Below are just a few items (with the link following) that you could think about now to implement for September. It's the "right thing to do" and today's associate would be very appreciative and the associates from the past will smile as well because they left their mentees in great shape to succeed on the HBA's behalf.

Some sample items:
  • "Do Business With A Member" campaign art for your home page
  • Top 10 Reasons to Do Business with an Active Associate Member -- a handout for your board and membership
  • 50 Associate Member Appreciation Ideas -- to discuss with your leaders
  • HBA Proclamation template to fill out and post
  • Sample column for your HBA president to publish in the September newsletter
Here is the direct link for all your Associate Appreciation Month needs:
Associate Members Appreciation Month (click here)

Submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

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