June 10, 2013

"A Week of Smiles!"

The NAHB Spring Board Meeting of 2013 was, in two words; smiling faces!

In multiple words? Let's talk about those smiling faces (no, not the song, you baby boomers). The past 5 spring board meetings have been like attending a wake with all due respect to those who tried their best to lighten the mood. Somber was the general tone, with dark skies never clearing and members looking for ANY indication of even the slightest bit of good news. It even seemed like NAHB's Chief Economist Dr. David Crowe threw out all of his pink ties (wears pink when giving positive outlook). 

This past week? I saw optimism. I felt optimism. I actually saw builder members smiling and feeling pretty good about this long anticipated recovery. And if builders are happy, associates are happy! Yes, we have achieved smiling faces.

The week started with the senior officer meetings, led by North Carolina's very own Rick Judson, NAHB's Chairman of the Board. National leadership had their meetings of state representatives and the National Area/Associate Chairmen (NACs) followed by the Executive board meeting, comprising the senior officers, state Reps, NACs, committee chairmen, past presidents/chairmen and other leaders of various NAHB entities. Good meetings? Smiling faces!

Wednesday saw the building industry, builders, associates and HBA staff, make Hill visits in our nation's capital to discuss OUR future, meaning not just those in attendance but for those who could not attend. The reports from the legislative visits? Smiling faces!

Afterwards, the week concluded with subcommittee meetings (Thursday), committee meetings (Friday), area caucuses and the NAHB Spring Board Meeting 2013 (Saturday, my birthday, and yes I am still accepting gifts). Those meetings had and end result of....... smiling faces!

The evening hours witnessed many social events and the camaraderie levels were high. What does this all mean for those who didn't attend? It means you should have a smiling face as well because I truly believe our talked about recovery is real. Sure there will be bumps and pot holes along that recovery road but it sure will beat the high levels of stress we all have felt. 

Happy days may be arriving in a very short time. How do I know? Dr, Crowe and HIS smiling face.


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Submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP  

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Dianne Beaton, CGA, CAPS said...

The mood indeed was more upbeat than I have seen in years! We must continue to push that housing with help us rise above the dark areas of this economy!