September 9, 2013

"It's September. Do You Know What That Means?"

 It's that time of year; back to school, football, Autumn and Associate Appreciation Month. One of the greatest assets that an HBA has is the volunteerism of associate members. Time (away from selling for a living), treasure (sponsorships) and talent (create budgets, marketing, selling HBA initiatives, giving voice from thought in strategic planning, etc) are deeply appreciated by the local HBA, state HBA and NAHB. Think about your own local, where would you be without actively engaged associates? It is time, however, to start thinking about associates year round and the best way for a builder to say "thank you" is to say "you have earned my business."

Remember, if it affects builders it will affect associates and our active associates fully understand that we, builder and associate, are in a partnership to protect the home building industry. 

Today, our blog is a collaborative effort by our National Associate Chairman, Kathy Craven-Snodgrass, and our NAHB Associate Members Committee Chairman, John Sizemore.

But first, please click on this link for a special message from NAHB's Chairman of the Board Rick Judson, honoring our associates (click here) 

September: Associate Appreciation Month, 2013

Kathy Craven-Snodgrass
John Sizemore
As we all know September is “Associate Appreciation Month” and an opportunity for our associations and Builder Members to recognize the numerous contributions that Associate Members make throughout the year. It is also an opportunity for us to brag about the positive impact we make on our association and our businesses.

 NAHB Senior Officers and Staff want to extend their heartfelt Thanks for our dedication to our local and state associations. It is Associate members like you who help to bring the message that “If IT affects a Builder, IT affects an Associate” and that housing is very important to the overall health of our economy.

I want to call everyone’s attention to the Awards that we give out every year at our Associate Appreciation Breakfast at IBS. I hope each of you recognized an associate who has committed their time and efforts in making their local or state Associations stand out in our Federation by nominating them for these outstanding achievements. If your state did not have any nominees this year, I hope you will help NAHB by encouraging your associations to do so next year.
      Awards are as follows;
       Associate of the Year
       Bill Polley Advocate of BUILD-PAC
       Builders Engaging Associate Members (BEAM)

Associates are stronger when we work together because we are engaged in all aspects of the building industry, from banking, sales and marketing, advertising and consultants, to design, insurance, real estate and appraisals. We are Conception to Completion and by staying connected you keep yourself and other members of your local informed with what’s going on with other fellow Associates in all areas of the country.  

Advocacy – ensuring that building issues are taken into account when new policies are being   developed.  Associate members need to be kept informed on the latest legislative, regulatory and other policy developments concerning our members.  P.A.T. H. (Protecting American Taxpayer and Homeowners) which could have a huge impact, on consumers seeking to purchase a part of the American Dream.  Home Ownership!
Networking – providing a variety of opportunities through Social Media for Associate members to stay engaged.  Associate Outreach Network, Facebook, Linked-In, Associate Maximization Blogs. 
 In addition - to Associate Outreach Network is our new Associate Directory, designed to encourage Associate Members to communicate with others from around the country, and to expand your network and broaden your circle of peers.
Educationenabling our members to stay on top of the latest Information.  Designations & Training subcommittee has expanded its role to include all the various educational opportunities the Federation offers its members. Stay connected, and take advantage of Webinar Wednesdays discussing different topics to help increase your knowledge in the marketplace!
In conclusion I encourage you to get engaged. If you will be attending the Fall Board Meeting in Colorado Springs I invite you to all our subcommittee meetings, and the full committee meeting. Be the next associate that goes from the least participating, to the level of the most participating member!   You will meet some very exciting members who are dedicated to their professions and to NAHB!  You don’t have to be a builder to be involved!

Kathy & John

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