October 21, 2013

"At a Crossroads"

Update to the article "Bylaws Are Not Just Once in Awhile" (click here) 

The NAHB 2013 Fall Board of Directors voted to allow associates to serve as president of their respective locals, with one caveat; that the majority of the officer team is made up of builder members. I can accept this because it will hopefully ensure that a builder is in the line of succession.  

Members who read the above linked blog visited with me recently and questioned how I could not agree with this change. Some say I was inconsistent in my thoughts, being a proud promoter of associates volunteers. I will say that I am extremely consistent because I never supported an associate as president of a local but I am in total support of having at least one associate, at all levels of NAHB, as a senior officer, in a non ladder, full voting, position.

In my home state, the New Jersey associate leadership stated that they will not look to, or vote to, change their respective locals' bylaws to allow for associates to serve as president. I can only encourage locals across the Federation, who may have associates serving as president now or may look to do so in the future, to please try and help builders become aware of the importance of being a leader in their profession within the only organization that supports the home building industry. I would ask NAHB to help the effort as well in providing quality leadership training programs. like the national associates volunteers provided for associate within NAHB. you can contact me at mkurpiel@universalsupply.com and I will send you the power point to utilize for builder leadership training.

We are certainly at a cross roads for our national association. Are we a home builders association or a building industry association? While two-thirds of our Federation is in fact associate, it has always been a builders association, The national board, comprised of approximately 95% builders, by voting in the majority for an associate to lead our local HBAs, has given their opinion that associates are indeed qualified to lead. After all, NAHB is a federation of local HBAs and if we, as a national board, decide that our most precious resource, the local HBA, can be served by associate leadership, than we are not too far away from a national senior officer team including an associate senior officer.

Where will the next road lead us?

Submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP