December 9, 2013

"Preparing Your HBA Board for 2014"

December in our association usually means end of year parties with installation of officers and board as the center piece of the evening (or luncheon). You're hoping that your board will be a good board, one that understands it's role in guiding the HBA, and not just names filling seats. 

Just in case, below is a suggested board of directors requirement list for your president to discuss with the new board at the start his or her first board meeting of 2014. 
Here's to a successful new year.

10 Requirements of Board Members
Board Members must:

1. Believe in the mission of the Association. Recruiting new board members who don't believe in, or understand, your mission will be a waste of time and potentially harmful to the Association.

2. Attend all board meetings. The Board must work as a team. Each member brings a dynamic set of skills and insights to the organizational process. If a Board Member doesn't attend meetings he is not only letting the Association down, he is alienating the other members.

3. Serve on committees. Active, vibrant committees make up the backbone of the Board of Directors. These committees need dedicated members who are willing to work for success.

4. Help create the future. New Board Members are critical to the future of the Association. Fresh new insights, wisdom and leadership will help propel the Association forward. Dynamic associations can ill afford, or tolerate, "name only" members.

5. Understand ethical standards and practices. Serving on the Board of Directors carries with it not only fiduciary responsibilities but ethical ones as well. New Board Members should be familiar with the ethical standards of fund raising as well as Board activities and requirements.

6. Help establish goals. An Association needs solid, achievable goals to survive and thrive. Formulating these goals is a critical duty of all Board Members.

7. Provide leadership to the staff. Board Members can play an important role as advisors, mentors and liaisons with other community supporters and leaders.

8. Help raise money. An Association needs to raise money from many resources. Board members can help identify prospects, open doors, and solicit potential donors.

9. Give to the fundraising events. It is imperative to the fund raising effort that the first, and most generous donations to any campaign, come from the resources of the Board Members.

10. Attend special events. Special events draw an Association together. When Board Members attend special events it shows unity of purpose, executive support and builds a stronger Association.

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Dixie O'Connor said...

I'm interested in knowing what kind of fund raising your board does?