December 15, 2013

"The 97%"

 End of the year and your books look like this:
  1. 97% of your business was lost
  2. 97% of your accounts did not pay their bills
  3. 97% of your employees are not concerned
  4. 97% of 2014 looks like you'll be in the RED
Oh, you work for somebody and it's not a concern?
  1. 97% of your building industry accounts had the above happen to them
  2. You just lost 97% of your salary/commissions
  3. You have had your benefits slashed by 97%
  4. Your 401K just lost 97% of its value
Unless you have a very wealthy family and not a care in the world, you are going to be out of business and out of a job. Either way, things will not be good. I guess my question to you is very simple; could you afford any of the above to take place and be successful with your business?

The 3% I left you with can't accomplish anything. I know what you're thinking; "this guy Mike Kurpiel is nuts! 97% is a ridiculous failure rate and his scenarios are totally unrealistic." You're probably right, after all, no one person or company can have any success with 97% failure rate.  

If you are reading this, you are most likely earning a living in the building industry. The above, as harsh and improbable as it may seem, actually is needed to shine a very bright light on the 97%. This is the exact percentage of NAHB members who do not invest in political fundraising campaigns designed to protect your jobs and companies at the federal level. Only 3% of our membership actually makes the financial investment to support the political machine needed to keep housing efforts as protected as possible. Arguably the most regulated and legislated industry in the United States is the housing industry and in the effort to keep the playing field level for our members, in the political grand scheme of things, we need more members investing in their industry which in turn means they are investing in their livelihood. Yes, we are a special interest group. Why? Because we have a special interest in providing for our families and our future.

My ask of you is direct but needed; please consider political investments when your association is asking. Call your local executive officer, and ask how you can help. Money has been tight for the past several years, most all can agree on that. However, the HBAs made do with what they could to help with the protection of housing but it's wearing down those that keep stepping up to the plate, the 3%. This 3% has been financing the future of the 97%. Isn't it time to really have a heart to heart with yourself and say " self, it's time you took ownership in this industry and help financially." Your self may balk and even grab your hand as you reach for your wallet, but you'll do the right thing because you care. I'm not talking thousands of dollars. $25-$50 to our PACs (political action committees). That's less than 1-2 dollars a week out of your check book.

The more we can decrease the 97% the better we, as an industry, could be doing to protect our world.

If you'd like to know more about protecting your future, click on my name below and send me an email. I would be very happy to open the door for you and bring you in as an investor for our industry defense.

Submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

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Peter Fusaro said...

Mike I agree if it affects a builder it affects the association.
For the past five years my numbers and percentages are close to yours! As a 27 year member of the National Association of Home Builders I urge all the builders to unite.