January 27, 2014

"NAHB Public Affairs Message You Don't Want to Miss!"

NAHB is looking for enthusiastic NAHB members and HBA staff who want to help make sure current and potential members know about and take advantage of the wide range of benefits NAHB members enjoy as part of their three-way membership (local, state and national)!
Whether you're a Spike, Life or National Director, state or local president, Executive Officer or member who wants to get the most of your NAHB membership and make sure your fellow members and future members do,as well!
In this issue of Association Maximization, we have a guest post from NAHB Public Affairs Chair Skip Howes, a home builder from Colorado, discussing the Envoy program and your "invitation" to participate.

Skip Howes
The Envoy Program
by Skip Howes

As 2013 fades away and NAHB members focus on how to succeed in 2014, I want to tell you about a new communications initiative that will help you get the most out of your three-level NAHB membership—including outstanding advocacy, education, networking and more—and help you share the value of those benefits with other current and potential members.

With the new Envoy program, NAHB is reaching out to active members with information and resources that you can use to communicate the value of membership, including talking points, suggested social media posts, updates on NAHB advocacy victories and more. 
We need your help. The power of NAHB’s grassroots network is what makes our federation great. The more members we engage at the local level, the stronger we will be.  
As an NAHB Envoy, you will receive an email roughly once a month with a few bullets of information that we are asking you to share at your general membership meetings, networking events and other opportunities to connect with fellow and future members.
We encourage ALL NAHB members or HBA staff to sign up to participate in the Envoy program, receive Envoy emails and share the value of NAHB membership at nahb.org/envoys

We know that Spikes, Life and Senior Life Directors, state and local HBA presidents, State Reps and NACs are already highly engaged and active members who will appreciate the value of and use the information, so if you are a member of one or more of these groups, you will automatically receive the Envoy emails!

To get you started, NAHB has a new website, valueofnahb.org. The site features information about the many ways NAHB helps your business thrive, such as exceptional services, resources and opportunities for education and networking.
You will also receive and be able to share information, resources and best practices through NAHB’s Membership Central Facebook community and the members-only LinkedIn group. Envoys will also enjoy exclusive webinars, surveys and more.
Your participation in the NAHB Envoy program is critical to the power of NAHB!

For questions or to share your suggestions for information or resources for the Envoy program, please contact NAHB Communications at communications@nahb.org or 800-368-5242, x8583.


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