March 31, 2014

"A Big Universe That Just Became Easier to Explore"

On a clear night, it seems you can visit other worlds just by gazing at the stars. Those stars and planets are there all the time, but sometimes we can't see them for the sun or clouds. But they are there, always. The only problem? No way to access unless you have your own space shuttle. But that would cost money, and training. The question is, having money and training, would you explore the universe?
When you take the time to clear your mind, like a clear evening sky, you can see a lot of things. When you take the time as an executive officer (stop laughing) you may see things as well, not the universe but our association. Our entire association. If I were to provide you with a space shuttle (train or plane) and training, would you explore our association? 

If yes, continue to read....
NAHB is providing the resources for executive officer orientation. From

What is the purpose of the program?
This orientation provides executive officers (EOs) the opportunity to become familiar with NAHB’s programs, products and services available to them and their members. Through networking with their peers and NAHB staff, EOs can more effectively articulate NAHB's benefits and services it makes available to HBAs and members.

Who’s eligible?
All full- and part-time executive officers of builder associations affiliated with NAHB can attend. NAHB Orientation is designed to benefit executive officers with less than five years of experience. However, all EOs are eligible to register! 

And the best part.... it's paid for by NAHB

NAHB's Executive Officer Orientation Program (login to, then click here)

I know quite a few executive officers and they are all busy with maintaining and growing their own memberships and scheduling meaningful general meetings. Most of them would say it's close to impossible to get away from the local. That may be true but if this orientation, if utilized efficiently, I could honestly say/type NAHB may have given you extra hours in the week, extra days in the year to be the best executive officer you can be. The benefit to you professionally is worth the two day time investment. NAHB believes you are the key to our grassroots membership so they believe in the financial investment. Your president, officers, board members and committee chairs will be very pleased with your universal knowledge of all levels of our association. Hopefully you clicked on the above link and read all the details. Please share this blog with your president and have him click on my name at the end if he or she would like to find out more.
There are a few hundred executive officers with less than five years under their belt, hired at the peek of the building industry depression or at least by the end. This orientation will deeply benfit them in particualr, but overall, all executive officers would benfit, and by extensuion, the local itself. 
In fact, before this was offered from NAHB, the locals in New Jersey paid for the trip to D.C. to send their respective executice officers to NAHB. From my home local; "The ability to meet my association peers in a 'one on one' environment helped establish national relationships as well as resources for my local membership, now and for the future." Gina Woolley, Executive Officer, Shore Builders Association of Central New Jersey. 

Why am I interested in your professional development? Because I, like NAHB, believe you are the key to increasing our membership, local by local. Presidents change from year to year but the executive officer is the one consistent part in the constantly moving machine we call "our association."

And..... it's all paid for by NAHB (did I mention that already?).


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