March 17, 2014

"Random Thoughts, Thought Outloud"

It's been awhile since I let my inside voice come out, you know, the one that says things that should maybe not be said. I promise I won't say anything controversial (maybe a little), just some things that have been on my mind and I need to release them.

Home builders association elections are for candidates running for office, at any level of our federation. Generally speaking, we are electing leadership whose core mission is to help protect and grow our association so it is in good position to help protect and grow our industry. On that much we can all agree.

What raises my eyebrows is when members make an "off the record" declaration, before being approved by the governing body, of their intentions of running and ask “can I have your support?” The easy way to do this is to say “yes, you got it.” However, all voter eligible members should look at the entire field. Some who are intending to declare for a leadership position may be following certain guidelines and are waiting to announce. What if you backed a member who couldn’t officially ask for your vote and they followed protocol? Does that mean you are obligated to fulfill that support already given regardless of who another candidate may be? What if that other candidate was a better choice for the association at that moment in time, does that mean you will still vote for the person you gave your support because you’d feel bad about pulling your support?

Here’s is my point; don’t commit until you know all the candidates. Understand their positions on things that are important to you and your association. Make an educated choice when voting, not just because the candidate who came to you first is a great guy or fantastic lady. We need leaders and leaders come from understanding your concerns and how we feel the association needs to be led.

Oh, and one more thing; rumors. There is an old song lyric that goes “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.” Leaders don’t feed into second hand information or he said/she said. If you want to know someone’s opinion or position, ask them. That way you can see their face, read their eyes and know exactly how they feel through in person contact. Throw out rumors; they are not healthy and cause misinformation to go off like wildfire.

Readers will think I’m writing my opinion on this matter about a particular election but that's just speculating. There are quite a few elections coming up at the local, state and even national levels and I may be addressing all of them. Who really knows? I’ll leave the particulars in my thoughts but my actions will be to vote for the candidate I feel will best represent us and I am stating that I personally will not endorse or support any candidate for any office until I know that both (or more) are officially recognized as a candidate and I know their positions on certain points of association direction. It is my responsibility as an eligible voter to do what’s best for my association and industry; not for myself or another individual.

That's it, I feel much better now. As you were.

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

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