April 7, 2014

"Investing in Our Future" a message from Greg Ugalde, BUILD-PAC Chairman

Today we have a guest blogger, Mr. Greg Ugalde, NAHB's 2014 BUILD-PAC Chairman. Greg is a volunteer NAHB leader and a builder member from Torrington, Connecticut. He is a devoted family man and a dedicated member of NAHB, working, for all of us, to help all of our members' businesses, and by extension, their families, be better protected by our national PAC's efforts to keep our members profitable. 

Why is BUILD-PAC considered so essentially important to NAHB?
Greg Ugalde, CGP, GMB
President & CLO    
T&M Building Co. Inc.
While the inner workings of Build PAC are complicated and the federal regulations that govern our Build PAC activities must be followed without error, the answer to this question is quite simple. In order for us to gain access to the political process at the level that our organization has come to depend on, we need to appropriately assist our "friends" get elected or to keep their jobs once in office. This assistance is done by correctly contributing to the campaigns of United States Senators and Members of the House of Representatives.

Every Member and potential Member of NAHB, every builder, associate, and staff member at all levels, must keep their eye on the need for us to raise the funds for Build PAC to function "effectively and efficiently".
Everyone needs to participate in the most "meaningful way" that they can afford. Whether it is possible to reach the Capitol Club level, or to simply donate $20 at a local Home Builders event, we need each and every one of you to "step up". There is no better feeling than to read one of our public relations announcements outlining a significant victory for our industry, and knowing that we were an important part in the process!  The perfect example was the Flood Insurance Reform Legislation that passed a few days ago. Our NAHB Members and staff did an incredible job carrying this one over the goal line. However, all of this was made possible by Build PAC opening doors each and every day.
While the incredible success stories generated by "Bringing Housing Home" are still fresh in our minds, please STEP UP for BUILD-PAC!

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