April 11, 2014

The "Other" National Election

The National Associate Chairman Election 2014

Every two years, we, as associates, have the opportunity to understand what our candidate(s) for national associate officer, the National Associate Chairman, will be working towards to help our members in general, our associate members in particular.

The National Associate Chairman (see below for description), like the builder National Area Chairmen, is a junior officer and an executive committee member of NAHB.

This is an election year for this position, and chances are great  we will have more than one candidate. Your promises of support because you pledged out of friendship or lack of awareness about a second candidate wasn't presented or because you were told that "it’s this person time" may all be valid reasons to continue your support but only if you want your association leadership elected this way. I would hope, however, you would want to support a candidate because he or she will work towards the goals of NAHB, advocacy being the number one priority, with the associates’ interest blended in. Hopefully your candidate has that in the forefront of their mind. If it is a contested election, you will want to hear from all candidates, and listen to their platform for their two year term. It's the only way to to elect the right person for this level of associate leadership.

Our work as associates at NAHB should be vital work and engaged associate volunteers know that during the course of meetings we need to be serious about our volunteerism, educated about our industry, always sharing productive ideas amongst our peers and engaging all of our members in proactive association intiatives and prepare them for reactive times as well. We should look towards a candidate who can deliver a two way reckoning between senior leadership and our grass roots. There is a time and place for “fun & camaraderie." Be aware that having a good time, while it certainly is a stress reliever, doesn’t pay our bills; successful and profitable business does. During the Associate Members Committee meeting at Fall Board 2014 the candidates will be discussing, publicly, platforms and visons for our collective future. Hopefully during the summer months you'll read about the candidates and gather information that defines them as a potential associate spokesperson. During the Associates members Committee meeting at Fall Boards '14 candidates will speak to the gathered asociates. After they speak to the eligible voters, and questions and answers take place from all that are present, you'll have what true association members have before making a decision; the facts of a leadership path and witness the desire and passion of our next National Associate Chairman. 

NOTE: What is the National Associate Chairman?  This position works with 15 builders, called National Area Chairmen (NAC), through action and guidance, for the priorities of The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The 15 NACs have oversight of certain areas within the U.S. and those areas include of multiple states and Puerto Rico. The National Associate Chairman has oversight of two-thirds of our membership, the associate membership. Both the fifteen builders and the lone associate are officers of the corporation known as the National Association of Home Builders.
The National Associate Chairman’s role is designed to bring associate initiatives, questions and concerns to the National Area Chairmen and the senior officers of NAHB (builder leadership). The National Associate Chairman works with builder leadership to understand "all things" that are positive and negative for our building industry and will break down the information, through personal knowledge and staff guidance, and highlight what it means to all associates at the grass roots/ local level. The National Associate Chairman is a conduit for flow of information and is the official spokesperson for associate members throughout the country. If it affects builders it will affect associates. If it affects associates it will affect the vast majority of dues and non dues revenue. This position makes sure that all concerned have a voice.

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