May 2, 2014

Builders: A Message That Could Help Our Association

Over the past few years you may have read my message or hear me speak the words....

Nothing is truer in our industry and the only "problem" with the above statement is that it should read "if it affects builder members of our association it will affect their vendors" because not every vendor is an associate. (Yes, I know, not every builder is a member; that's for another upcoming blog.)
If you are a builder member who is currently building you have the opportunity to increase your local's membership immediately. Make sure all your vendors are associates. Sounds simple but maybe the following letter from one of my locals could help. This letter is designed to be included with job payments along with a membership application:

BRANNJ Builder
P.O. Box 123
Northern, New Jersey 12345

201-555-5555 Phone
973-555-5555 Fax
Month Day Year

Dear Sub Contractor, Supplier, Service Provider;

As most of you are aware, our company is a member of the Builders & Remodelers Association of Northern New Jersey (BRANNJ), a non-profit organization designed to serve and protect OUR building industry.  Within the last several years, it has become increasingly difficult and apparent that being in the construction business in the State of New Jersey is not getting any easier.  We have fought growth issues and a building depression with success; however, it is apparent that our industry is in further danger of legislation and regulation that could severely hamper our ability to sustain our chosen careers.

These challenges only reinforce the need for an organization like BRANNJ.  The road ahead is going to need as many of us as possible, united in our common interest; to provide affordable housing and renovations as well as the freedom to choose where one wants to live.  The support BRANNJ gives our industry greatly benefits all the subcontractor members, providing further business opportunities through networking, exposure and advertising, as well as technical support. 

Having said this, our firm has taken the position that we would deeply appreciate it if all subcontractors who work for us become a member of the BRANNJ.  We have set a goal date of May 30th, 2014 for all applications to be submitted to the BRANNJ.

We know that construction has increased over the several months due to an improving economy and rising consumer confidence meaning time to start new projects.  Be assured that we plan to align our firm with sub contractors who care about our industry.  I am hoping you are one of them. Included in this packet is an application for membership and benefits that will surely put money back in your bank accounts.

As an added point, the check you are receiving today for work performed for my company is, in large part, due the efforts of BRANNJ on behalf of the building industry.

Uniting together through BRANNJ will only help improve all of our futures. 

Builder Member, Inc.

The letter is simply written and the message on point; our association is helping to give builders the opportunities to build. If there are more opporttunities to build the vendors will have more opportunities to sell. If the builder can invest in our association through membership, then those vendors who are profiting from that builder's risk taking endeavors should invest as well. 

Not every builder will do this but imagine if the roughly 50,000 builder members each converted just one vendor, just one. NAHB would have 50,000 new members within a month's time. For a local, if you have just ten builders who are actively building, and each converted just ten vendors into members, 100 new members within a month. 

The key is that the builder members believe in the intiatives of our association and to have the builder members send out the letter. Some builders may not feel that it's right to ask vendors to join. My question is "why not?" I would think that by you keeping them in business by providing work, the vendors would at least be receptive to joining. The builder wins because the increase in membership helps the association. The association is stronger to help protect our members' business concerns. The vendors are adding voices to magnify our one voice in our state and national capitals. All by just including the letter, which you are absolutely free to edit, and a membership application in each vendors' payment envelope. Or, an email to your vendor on "payday."

Note: The Local HBA Cycle for Success will help to further demonstrate the need for successes for all of us (click here)

2014 NAHB Membership Committee Chairman

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