June 13, 2014

The Lifeblood of OUR Federation

Today's blog article is a continuation of last week's blog article, "Sorry Guys, Size Does Matter..."

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), and every single local association within, is the very reason why we have careers. Don't let anyone sway you into thinking the 2008 economic meltdown had to do with builders and their associate vendors. It had everything to do with Wall Street greed that almost destroyed the very fabric of one of the three necessities of life; food, clothing and SHELTER. Yes, I wrote almost because the industry is slowly rebounding and we as members of NAHB, those who survived, are back. Not as strong as ever but certainly month by month gaining strength and momentum. You can go back through this blog and find article upon article discussion the value of our association and the very "things" we need to have to be as successful as each market will allow. Two staples of NAHB can never be denied as being absolute in weapons, when fighting our "enemies of the industry", or tools, when helping our members; BUILD-PAC and Membership. The two go hand in hand in our survival. They are both the heart and soul of the Federation, the lifeblood of our present and future.

I know, I may be a bit over dramatic for some, those who are not really invested in the housing industry. Those that are understand that it takes more than one voice, more than one investment, will find my blog article today to resonate within there minds. We don't wake up every morning and find our industry providing for us. We must wake up every morning providing for our industry or it becomes like an unattended garden, withered and full of weeds and insects. 

Without a healthy membership, we lose political strength in those areas where membership is down. The stronger locals, those with high membership totals, take notice; in order to have legislative victories in your state capitol, you need all legislators in your state to have an understanding of your issues. If one or more locals are struggling for members, those districts will seem unimportant to those state legislators in those counties. Why? Lack of viable votes. Politicians are not as complicated as some would think. "How many votes can you deliver?" is always on their minds, or at least in tandem with any other thoughts. Election and reelection.

BUILD-PAC’s (Builders United In Legislative Decisions Political Action Committee) voice in Washington is only as strong as our members who continue to support its efforts.  This support comes from individual members like YOU.  In an attempt to keep this short and sweet, I won’t expand on BUILD-PAC’s mission or goals but rest assured the more we BUILD up BUILD-PAC’s membership base, the more doors we will open on Capitol Hill.
We should all take it upon ourselves to educate our membership about BUILD-PAC, our PAC and voice at the national level.  Reach out to builders and vendors in your area of the country and be sure they know about the value of NAHB membership!  Please also check out the articles contained within Association Maximization as they have some good talking points that should help address any questions that might arise. 
TODAY is the day.  We are all busy running our businesses and careers and it’s easy to say “I’ll get to that tomorrow.”  Whether you are a builder or associate, I am operating under the assumption that you are as passionate about your career and this industry as I am.  In my opinion, two things make up a successful career…drive and a path relatively free of roadblocks.  BUILD-PAC and NAHB membership are the first steps to clearing YOUR path.

Please review these two MUST SEE NAHB 2014 Spring Board Reports...

Message from 2014 BUILD-PAC Chairman Greg Ugalde (click here)

Message from 2014 Membership Committee Chairman Mike Kurpiel, CGA, CGP (click here)

I ask you a very simple question about your future in OUR industry; are you in or are you out?  
If "yes" will you start today to help us help you by rebuilding membership and bringing others into BUILD-PAC?

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

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