July 18, 2014

It's the Simple Things in Life, Like "When and Where"

BUILD-PAC is, at its core, fundraising. 

The old, but meaningful quote “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” is relevant when it comes to BUILD-PAC. Strong arming or placing someone in a position that they have no choice but to contribute is NOT the way to achieve a healthy PAC. Understanding how to make the connection between industry needs, engaged members and gaining the attention of federal legislators is key in helping other non PAC contributors to become investors. Strong-arming may gain a contribution for today, while awareness through conversation gains investments for the member’s association lifetime.  

We can be very serious about our PAC efforts and adding FUN in FUNdraising can make the event less serious and more FUN. It's the simple things in life like "when and where,' isn't it?
The New Jersey BUILD-PAC trustees did just that! Trustees Dean Mon and Len Sendelsky held an event at Dean's home in Sea Girt, NJ, a three minute walk to the Atlantic Ocean, for a very simple, yet profitable, fundraising event for our national PAC. The event, "Summer at the Jersey Shore" had Jersey Boys and Gals from all the locals gathered in Dean's backyard enjoying conversation & cocktails and hearing words of gratitude and praise from BUILD-PAC's Chairman, Greg Ugalde. Greg drove "down to the Shore" from Connecticut but confessed, enthusiastically, that he has spent quite a few great trips on the Jersey Shore. Len Sendelsky, "The Godfather of BUILD-PAC," and Dean Mon, exemplify the perfect trustees; they get it, they share it and then they earn it, all for NAHB.

Left to right: Dean Mon and Len Sendelsky, NJ BUILD-PAC trustees,
Greg Ugalde, BUILD-PAC Chairman & Mike Kurpiel, event chairman 

NAHB’s BUILD-PAC trustees in each state are required to hold one fundraiser a year. Sometimes something as simple as opening up your backyard for casual conversation, as Dean Mon did, is all you need. 
The national PAC works in two year cycles, with each state assessed a dollar amount that is based on housing starts per state. New Jersey's goal for the 2013-14 cycle is now at 135%. The last three BUILD-PAC cycles, 2009-10, 2011-12 and 2013-14, have averaged 131% of New Jersey’s set goals. I may sound like I'm bragging (I am). New Jersey members understand that fundraising is not a once in awhile phenomenon or a "look at me" promotion. It's 24-7, 365 of low pressure, but persistent influencing of our members to invest in our national PAC. I would like to ask other states within NAHB to have something similar as New Jersey has done; just a simple, fun event. As an example, a horse shoe tournament, backyard barbecue, libations and a few folks who know how to influence others are the ingredients for a FUNdraiser. Don't think of a fundraiser as one that needs to raise tens of thousands of dollars. Think of it as an event that brings members together and enlightens them as to the value of an active national PAC. I challenge other states to not only meet their goal but to exceed their goal, with the overage as a direct benefit back to the state or local HBA in the form of a “split back.” What’s a split back? BUILD-PAC established the split back program to encourage states to exceed their election cycle fundraising goals.  Once a state has exceeded their two year cycle goal they will receive half of all additional funds raised back to their state. 

I will caution you to understand that in the mix is the balancing of our national needs with our state and local needs so we have to pick and choose where we "compete for investments." States have PACs as well, as do some locals, and all locals are raising money that goes towards the financial health of the respective local. 

Balance, timing and revealing conversation is all it takes to have a BUILD-PAC event that is appealing, non-threatening (to other fundraisers) and a willing host. Thank you, Dean, for sharing your home with our fellow New Jersey members. Great time, great fun, great conversation!

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

July 11, 2014

Giving 'Applause for the Cause'

There is a quote that always rings true in my mind; "A leader is always first in line during times of criticism and last in line during times of recognition."  
Members who work for the cause and not the applause are very valued members because they "get it." These associates are not looking for awards but they are deserving of the recognition and it's up to all of us to make sure they are acknowledged.

This week's guest blogger is Kim Hefner Hines, from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 
Kim is the owner of H & H Designs and general manager of Allen Homes as well as the NAHB 2014 Associate Members Committee 

Kim, take it away!

"National Associate Awards"
by Kim Hefner Hines
Kim Hefner Hines

Associate members that are actively engaged are a different breed than just your everyday run of the mill associates. Active associates, who obviously look for business opportunities (who isn't?), take time away from pursuing business for the cause of a vibrant housing industry. It's not rocket science that these associates are at the front of volunteerism, through time, talent and treasure. Each year our national Associate Members Committee "yell from the mountaintops" across the federation, to our local and state HBAs, asking for nominees from each state for completed applications for the Associate of the Year and Bill Polley Advocate of BUILD PAC awards.
You may believe that your particular engaged associate hasn't done enough for a national award but I'm here to let you know that just the recognition alone, of knowing that his or her HBA submitted their name because that HBA views them as a star, is in itself a national award for that associate! 
I would ask, as an associate, to submit your associates for these awards. Completed applications are due by September 29th
For the application, go to "Honor your top associates, click here" to get more information and to download the applications. Best wishes to all the nominees!
Associates also want to recognize those builders back home that live by the motto "it's good business to do business with a member" and are engaged back in their respective local and state HBAs. The Builders Engaging Associate Members (BEAM) can found by clicking here.
 This award is also a great thank you to one of your builders who work with your associates, those who contribute 66% of dues revenue and 90% of non dues revenue! How could you NOT want to submit an application to national? There are some that say we are an award driven association. I say so be it; these folks deserve this recognition. Wouldn't you agree?   

If we make our Associates AND our Builders feel good about their industry, we’ve scored a win…and a win for NAHB is a win for advocacy, for membership, and for keeping our federation strong.   Nominate today!



submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP