August 11, 2014

Me, Myself and I

I grow very weary of the "me, myself and I" way of self proclamation, someone who constantly blows their own horn. Life is a team sport. Everything we do, we need others to help. When is the last time you truly did something on your own? Something as simple as painting a wall still requires someone to sell you the paint and brush. Making dinner on your own and saying I cooked it myself? You still had to buy the ingredients from someone else. No? You planted your own garden? Where did you get the seeds? My writing this article, while it is my thoughts being delivered I still needed a keyboard, monitor and computer to deliver the words to you. My point is no one does anything completely by themselves. No mortal anyway.
So why do people claim to have “saved the world” or at least things in their world? They need attention. There are some people I know that, after listening to them, you would think no one else took part in the success. A person who subscribes to the “me, myself and I” philosophy is self centered person and needs to be admired regardless of the complete lack of respect shown to the others who took part in the success. Warning; when you hear someone touting "I did this, and I accomplished that, and because of my actions this happened" run like hell, in the other direction. Placing a deserving person on a pedestal is done by others because of how that person was valued. Placing yourself on the pedestal is a very clear message to others, ones who can see through the fog of self praise, that that person is not a leader that will help you unless they can help themselves. There is always someone else who helped with the success.
Our association, from the local level up through the national level, has leadership. The successful associations, when seeking a leader, seek one who will be a team builder. When selecting a leader, the powerful associations select one that knows no one person can go it alone; it truly does take a village, as long as that village is for the village and not just personal success, or in this case, the village is our association. For any one or continuing initiative to be a success, we need to “kick to the curb” the mirror-image lovers. They won't have your back unless they can figure out away to pat themselves on their own back first.

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

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