August 25, 2014

Tangled Webs

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” - Sir Walter Scott wrote that in a poem in 1806. Its meaning could be interpreted in many ways but really it's all about  the age old method of lying. Lying has been a staple in the never ending battle of true reality v. hand painted perception. 
The Machiavellian approach to lying was very simple; "clever lies in order to achieve something. Some politicians utilize this method by setting the stage for a campaign designed to lie about the other candidate. Not just any lie but a lie that is meant to define the opponent in a negative way, a way that is counter to the voter's beliefs and values.
This type of lying has a devious and regularly used "next level" called disinformation. This is where the politician, and those from their campaign, take false information and deliberately misinform the public, knowing full well that what is being shared is not true or being excessively exaggerated for the sole purpose of winning the campaign. This method is used when a person running for office is hampered by inadequacies in their own story. It's used in U.S. Presidential campaigns all the time. When is the last time you did not see a negative ad? When disinformation is given it quickly turns into misinformation by those who take the disinformation and travel the path of least resistance. They would rather give what's given instead of asking questions to make sure they are correct. I would rather make sure I am looked at as a person who is educated on my facts then as a person who is just a vehicle to get someone else elected.

If you want to know the truth, ask those who have worked closely with that candidate. You want to really know the truth? Have a heart to heart conversation with the candidate you are hearing information about. This is called fact finding and after all we all want to understand the facts before we cast our vote. 

Voting is a privilege, why shouldn't campaigning be a privilege as well? 

What about the candidate spreading disinformation? Do you really want someone who starts off their term on lies or deliberate attempts to paint a false picture? If they can do that to get your vote what else will the lie about during their time in office? The phrase "go along to get along" is another form of lying. It's where a person, or candidate, will say what you want to hear, not what you need to hear, to gain your support. That is disingenuous and furthermore, it does not help the given initiative or overall goals or challenges. It harmful to any cause and, if you are involved in that cause, it's harmful to you. This is the very conduct we see in the House and Senate and what Americans hate the most about their elected officials. 

Beware the politician who takes to discrediting as opposed to highlighting; they are covering your eyes and when blinded while on a path only bad things can happen... to you.

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