August 30, 2014

Teamwork and Loyalty

September is Associate Appreciation Month
by Kevin Kelly
Chairman of the Board
National Association of Home Builders

Kevin Kelly
When I decided several years ago to run for NAHB 3rd vice chairman I did so knowing that I would leave my state association with the full knowledge that we had a great leadership team and loyal volunteers in place. I knew that both builder and associate members would work together to keep Delaware’s home building industry on the right path. I also realized that our builders, as sharp and passionate as any I had been engaged with in the past, were only as productive as volunteer leaders as they could be with the help of our associate members. Associates have been, and continue to be, valued partners for our associations back home. As my national volunteer leadership grew, I had the chance to meet associates from around the country and realized that Delaware, while near and very dear to my heart, has great associates, who are equally matched in other states, which is a compliment as Delaware has “rock stars” in the associate ranks.
The loyalty our associates demonstrated during our worst economic event in home building history was amazing. They stayed the course and helped our builder members, the ones who could give time, keep our associations alive. I applaud the associates from all corners of our Federation.
September is Associate Appreciation Month and I would like to take this opportunity and thank you, Associates. Thank you for your efforts, thank you for your commitment and thank you for your passion. I thank you, as a builder for helping me. As NAHB Chairman of the Board I would like all builder members of NAHB to take the time, get to know your associates. Please invite associates to bid your projects. It is a great way of saying “thank you” but more importantly it is a great way of saying “builders and associates; the bond cannot be broken.”

September may be Associate Appreciation Month but it truly is a year long, every year way of life for me. Hope hope it is for all of you as well.

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