September 26, 2014

The Greatest Show on Earth

Today's guest blogger is Ann Garvey, from Charlotte, Michigan and owner of A & J Construction & Consulting. Ann is currently the  2nd Vice Chair of Conventions & Meetings and has been one of the biggest advocates of The National Association of Home Builders' International Builders Show. This year's show will be January 20-22, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada (I know, I didn't need to write Nevada) and is slated to be one of the best ever, if not THE best.

 The Greatest Show on Earth!

Ann Garvey

One year ago…. It was the first time that the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the National Kitchen and Bath Association co-located in Las Vegas.  Born from that collaboration we now have Design & Construction Week!  Registered attendees have access to both show floors, plus complimentary access to the show floor of a third trade show, the International Window Covering Expo.  Need more reasons?!  Okay, we have added this year two more /// The newest to join us this year is Las Vegas Market (home furnishings & decor, accessories and gifts) and The International Surface Event (TISE) which includes flooring, tile and stone/ Still need more??

The International Builders Show (IBS) truly is the Greatest Show on Earth for the home building industry. Having the home building industry descend on Las Vegas, through exhibits and attendees, is the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” OK, I know I am sounding like I own a piece of the show but I don’t.  However, I am 2nd vice chair of Conventions & Meetings, who has IBS under its umbrella so I do take pride knowing that this show has all you can ask for if you are:

1. Building a home for others

2. You sell a product or service that helps build a home


3. Want to elevate your knowledge of products, systems, company management or more…

First, let’s start with the exhibits.  Over 1,300 Manufacturers and suppliers proudly showing you what is new, what is cutting edge, what is coming soon and the “have to have this, now!” products. Top professionals that are at the top of their game because they know you are in a whirlwind of excitement with no time to waste. If you display during IBS you know that this is where the decisions are made for upcoming projects. So man exhibitors have told me that it’s like “retail at Christmas” with the frenzy. I find that to be very accurate!!

Second on my list is education.  Education can be found at IBS and not just any education, pinpoint industry education for any of your needs. IBS education will help you become better sales professionals, whether you are selling a home or selling to a person building a home. IBS offers the education to end all education.  Over 100 classes, seminars and workshops that are fine-tuned and direct to your weaknesses and absolutely there to help you reinforce your strengths. "I don't need to learn anymore" – was never said by a successful person, ever.

At IBS you also have the opportunity to visit the Centrals… What’s that you ask?!  They are areas set up at the show where you can meet, relax and visit with other professionals from your same interest to get new ideas and information about your specific niche.  Centrals feature some of the industry’s top professionals who will lead enthusiastic and entertaining discussions.  So if your interest is in: 50+ Lifestyle, Custom Building, Design Studio, Remodeling, Multifamily or Sales we have a Central for you! 

Another on my list is the chance to take part in THE industry’s biggest networking event. Thousands and thousands of like minded professionals and renovators are under one roof. If you need something or someone and you didn’t find it that means 1) you stayed at the casino to gamble or 2) you never left your hotel room.  It’s highly unlikely that you won’t take the costs of IBS, and say “this investment paid off better than I could have imagined.”  And, did I mention…this show is FUN?!?! 

All combined? Seriously, what is not to love!! 

I will make this even more exciting for you! If you are an NAHB member, click on this link before September 30th you will receive your FREE Expo Pass!   

And if that's not exciting enough our IBS Spike Concert will be headlined by.........

IBS Spike Concert Preview! (click here)
I am looking forward to seeing YOU at THE GREATEST SHOW On Earth…for the home building industry.

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