November 3, 2014

NAHB Value Delivered

The only value is a perceived value is like saying one man's treasure is another man's... 

Perceived value does mean actual money in your wallet, along with growing bank accounts, as well as a prospering business overlooking a valley of opportunity.  

The below information is for you, our member. Hopefully you see the value in having a national membership and not only become more engaged but also help those in your business circle (locals members, employees and employers)have a clearer understanding of why we need our NAHB and the local and state associations.

 NAHB Value Delivered

Governor Speaks Against Waters of the U.S. Rule-making
Iowa Governor Terry Branstad spoke out against a proposed rule that would greatly expand the federal government's authority under the Clean Water Act and harm individual landowners and home buyers.

Highlighting the Value of NAHB Membership
NAHB economists have run the numbers and put a dollar value on some of NAHB's more notable achievements through the first seven months of 2014. View a one-page infographic, or read a more detailed overview of NAHB services and advocacy victories so far this year.

Cost of a Code Change
To be of best use to the public, building codes must be cost effective and affordable – and it's impossible to figure out whether a proposed code change is either, unless it comes with a price tag.

Quick "Did You Knows?"

Where are Nation's Largest and Most Expensive Lots?
According to Census Bureau data, New England has the most expensive lots for single-family construction. How does your region of the country compare?

National Housing Endowment Welcomes New Founding Advocate
A Cleveland area home builder has been named a Founding Advocate of the National Housing Endowment for his commitment to a six-figure donation to NAHB's philanthropic arm.

Greg & Mike

NAHB Public Affairs Committee Chair Greg Peek, Nevada
NAHB Membership Committee Chair Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP, New Jersey

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