November 17, 2014

"We Want YOU!" to Have Success

"We Want YOU!" 2015 Membership Campaign 

Sherry Schwab, builder from Washington (state) and incoming 2015 Membership Committee Chairman, and the 2014 Membership Committee have jointly unveiled the 2015 Membership Campaign and it has a three tiered approach. 
The national campaign at NAHB will use the theme of “We Want You!” following the iconic World War I army recruitment slogan with Uncle Sam (Americana/Patriotism). Possible tag lines accompanying the campaign to inspire NAHB leaders, local associations and recruiters to get involved might include “Lead the Way” and “Your Membership. Your Association. Your Future”. The second tier includes campaign options and packages for the local associations to use for their local campaigns and the third aspect focuses on increasing recruiter engagement and providing them with recruitment resources. We are encouraging and explaining the importance of participation from all levels: individuals contribute to the local and the locals help grow the federation. All levels involved are working toward a common goal and each of their contributions makes a difference.
We are emphasizing the importance of the local association support of the national campaign and how their involvement impacts the growth of the federation. In an effort to increase participation, the membership marketing department will be placing a large focus on the ease of use and implementation for the local associations and recruiters. We will be providing local associations with all of the materials they will need to hold drives so that they can focus on recruiting, their members, and minimizing staff time/efforts. A packet will be provided to the local associations consisting of materials to promote their competition including: marketing plans and templates (social media, digital, design, etc.). The local associations can choose materials from a number of different prepackaged themes (taken from membership committee submissions):
·         Sports: March Madness/Football (One-on-one.)
·         Zombie (We’re BAAAAAAACK!)
·         Rock and Roll (Step It Up!)
·         Build with the Best (Build with us. Join us!)
·         TNT—Today, Not Tomorrow
·         Be educated. Be involved. Be a member.
·         We Want You! (National theme adopted locally.)

Materials and resources will be created specifically for the recruiters. It is critical to make them feel prepared, engaged and enthusiastic.
The details of the national competition will remain the same as the previous year, since the prize structure was recently revamped in collaboration with the Executive Officers Council. The new format allows more local associations to have a chance at winning leading to increased morale and desire to compete.
The drives will occur twice in the year, Spring and Fall. The Spring drive in May and the Fall drive is the HBA’s choice of September or October. Cash prizes for the year total $90,000 and will be awarded to the top five local associations in each of the six size categories with prizes ranging from $2,500 to $500 per drive.  Recruiters will earn double or triple spike credits for the Builder and Associate members recruited during those months.
There are a variety of possible activities that will be incorporated at the grassroots level. Local versus local competitions, with the help of the EOC, Executive Officers challenging each other to participate and increase recruitment. Smack down or “hammer down” video challenges, incorporating social media to spread the word about the competitions. There also might be giveaways for individual recruiters and Spikes.
This campaign approach offers opportunities for all involved and encourages active participation through ease of use options and resources. We hope to make the 2015 Membership Campaign fun for all while working toward a national membership goal.


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