January 25, 2015

In Three Weeks... It's Going Down!

"We're thinking members! You wanna win? You have a chance!" 

Mikey "Pitbull" Kurpiel

Yes, local HBAs, you have a chance IF you think you have what it takes to dethrone me :)

It's showtime!

NAHB is excited to announce the "What NAHB Membership Means to Me” video contest. Through Friday, Feb. 13, 2015, members may enter by creating and submitting videos 45 to 60 seconds long for a chance to win gift cards and an appearance in the 2015 NAHB membership campaign.
They turned me into “Pitbull” for the promo video that announces this social media contest. This campaign demonstrates the value of NAHB membership in an entertaining and memorable way. NAHB can’t wait to see the creative videos that our members and councils produce and enter. I absolutely challenge all of you reading this article to particpate

Follow these easy steps for entering:
1. Make a video describing what membership means and why others should join. Make it entertaining or serious, sing a song, do a dance or even write a poem. Create it solo or with a group of NAHB members. Just make sure that each video is original.
2. Create your video, post it to YouTube with ‪#‎NAHBWantsYou‬ in the title or description, and complete the submission form at www.nahb.org/NAHBWantsYou by Feb. 13. Make sure to share it on your Facebook or Twitter too!

Here is the number one video in America!

submitted by Mikey "Pitbull" K (AKA Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP)

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