January 15, 2015

The Big Secret in Politics is...

Your vote is YOUR vote. It belongs to no one but you, it is owed to no one but you. However, like so many things in life, peer pressure forces your hand up to vote for or against something, or someone, because others have pressured you to do so. Bullying comes to mind because peer pressure is a form of being bullied. Or, being ostracized, another act of being bullied, by your peers because you won't publicly give your support. Some people have the fortitude to go against the grain. Others would love to, but...

One of the best ways of exercising YOUR right to vote for what YOU believe in, without the possibility of repercussion, is the secret ballot. The SECRET ballot is a way to vote without the fear of being pressured by intimidation, subtle or otherwise.. 

The secret ballot is the voter's choice in an election or a referendum, while remaining anonymous. 

This year at the International Builders Show, we have a contested election, we have a choice. Contested elections are fantastic because they allow the voters on the board of directors to make a distinction on who will be best to protect the voters' overall interest, which, in my case as a voter, is my future in the building industry. I am not about the promise of a committee chairmanship or the act of political positioning. Those are for the few who engage in "look at me" grandstanding and not being concerned about the future but rather their present. 
I subscribe to the rule that successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others, or the cause, while unsuccessful people are always asking "what's in it for me?" Individual gratification does not and will not help our industry, our jobs or our families well being.

Voting is a privilege. It means someone or a group trusted and trusts you to "do the right thing." A vote, particularly one performed by secret ballot, gives you, the voter, complete power to support the candidate you believe to be the best positioned to lead our Federation. Which candidate will truly lead, while challenging others to lead as well? Who will look at short term initiatives to help all of us with the savvy and wherewithal to lead with eyes on the future?

On January 22nd, the NAHB board of directors will vote for the Federation's 3rd vice chairman, thereby making a decision that will affect our industry. As a board member I know I will vote wisely, not for a promise or because I was feeling pressured to vote a particular way, but because I need leadership that will help my industry, your industry, our industry.

The secret ballot; "DO THE RIGHT THING!" 

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

Many drops of rain fill an ocean. Many members engaged fill Washington, DC

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