February 5, 2015

NAHB Associates "IBS Edition"

Association Maximization note: Kim Hefner, an associate member from South Dakota, is our guest blogger for this issue. Kim will be officially wrapping up her sensational year as the 2014 Associate Members Committee Chairman by delivering to members back home the stars that shined under her year as committee chair. Michael LeCorgne, the 2015 Associate Members Committee Chairman, will follow Kim with a message for you, our member.

The 2015 International Builders Show delivered, once again, as promised. Spectacular exhibits, educational courses that are second to none and tremendous, high quality, professional effort from our staff members. 

Kim Hefner, 2014 NAHB Associate Members Chairman
Our leadership team of the 2015 senior officers were installed and we thank them for their dedication to all our members in their efforts to defend all of our businesses. Three officers in particular should be recognized; Rick Judson, the 2013 immediate past chairman, Kevin Kelly, the new immediate past chairman and Tom Woods, our 2015 chairman of the board. Meetings during the week were highly productive, with volunteerism ever present, and our 2014 board of directors wrapped up the week with thought provoking conversation and direction. I personally left IBS 2015 with a good feeling for the future of our Federation and a re-energized determination to help affect positive change in our industry.

One of the volunteer members highlights of the week came on Wednesday morning, January 21st, at our annual Associates Awards Breakfast, with many in attendance; builders and associates as well as HBA staff from across the country and the event was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center

This year's group of honorees has demonstrated that actively engaged associates will keep on providing the deeply needed dedication that helps to keep our Federation of local and state HBAs at their best. Within NAHB these individuals were, and are, recognized for their accomplishments because they realize that "if 'it' affects builders 'it' will affect associates."

The descriptions of the 5 awards/inductions are:

1. Associate of the Year
(Presented to the most outstanding associate member for his/her dedication and proactive leadership at the local, state and, with heavy emphasis, the national level. The voting is based on a points system with past winners and builders as the judges.)

2. Bill Polley BUILD-PAC Award
(The associate member who's dedication in political fund raising efforts and helping to expand the importance of political action. The award was named after Bill Polley. Bill passed away several years ago but his political activism lives on.)

3. The B.E.A.M. Award 
Given to the builder who best exemplifies NAHB's motto "It's good business to do business with a member." BEAM stands for Builders Engaging Associate Members

4. The Chairman's Award
Given to an associate who went"above and beyond the call of duty" on behalf of the Associate Members Committee.

5. Induction into the Society of Honored Associates
    (3 of 4 finalists for Associate of the Year)

 Drum roll please.................

2014 Associate of the Year
Dianne Beaton, CGA, CAPS
New Hampshire

2014 Bill Polley Advocate of BUILD PAC Award
Kathy Craven Snodgrass, CGA, CAPS, CGP
North Carolina 

2014 BEAM Award
Mike Hughes Builders

2014 Chairman’s Award
Monica Sommerfeldt Lewis

Inductees into the Society of Honored Associates

Diana Lucero
New Mexico

 Joe Dumstorf

Mike Farr

 Randy Fannin

The NAHB members, from around The Federation, congratulate you. Bravo!

I encourage associates from all over the country to make sure your state HBA submits names to NAHB staff member Sonora Munks (smunks@nahb.org). Sonora will send to you the forms needed for submission. It is a great way to make sure the country knows who you are proud of back home.

Here are links to all the past award winners. Their efforts will never be forgotten!

Associate of the Year (click here) 
Chairman's Award (click here) 
Bill Polley BUILD-PAC Award (click here) 
BEAM Award (click here) 
Society of Honored Associates (click here)

I would like to hand off the Associate Members Committee to Louisiana's pride and joy, Michael LeCorgne. Michael just completed his two year commitment as BUILD-PAC's Accoiate Vice Chairman and now begins his year as Associate Members Committee Chairman. He has been a tremendous asset during my year as chairman and I am excited to see how this year unfold with Michael at the helm.

 Michael, congratulations and "go get'em!"

Best Regards,


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