July 23, 2015

Will You Recognize Your Associates Back Home?

There is a quote that always rings true in my mind; "A leader is always first in line during times of criticism and last in line during times of recognition."  
Members who work for the cause and not the applause are very valued members because they "get it." These associates are not looking for awards but they are deserving of the recognition and it's up to all of us to make sure they are acknowledged.
NAHB's Associate member awards offer individuals a number of opportunities to be acknowledged for their remarkable contributions to the housing industry at the local, state and national levels.
The Associate of the Year award honors one associate member who has made outstanding contributions to their local, state and national HBAs and to the home building industry in the past year. (click here for nomination forms)
The Bill Polley Advocate of BUILD-PAC award recognizes an associate member who has made diligent efforts on behalf of BUILD-PAC. (click here for nomination forms)
Please, nominate one of your associates back home. Maybe they win, maybe they don't, but they will certainly feel appreciated!



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