September 17, 2015

Associates at the National Level (part 2)

Today's blog article comes to you from our NAHB Associate Members Committee Chairman, Michael LeCorgne, associate member from Louisiana. Michael represents 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty in Louisiana but due to his leadership visibility Michael does a great job representing 2-10 across the country. 
Michael would like to share with you his greeting to associates traveling to Dallas, Texas for NAHB's Fall Board Meeting, September 26th - 29th.

Michael, the floor is yours...

The Associate Member Committee Report

Hello fellow associates!
I hope your summer is winding down in a favorable way! I want to give you all a quick update on the business of the Associate Members Committee as we gear up for the Fall Board of Directors meeting in Dallas, TX at the end of September.

Michael LeCorgne
First, if you are planning to be at the meeting, remember only committee and council meeting will be in person. All subcommittees will be gathering via webinars or conference calls over the next few weeks. In whatever manner you plan on attending or participating we welcome you!

This is the time of year that our Leadership and Recognition subcommittee is busy recruiting and gathering the names of the nominees for our various awards – BEAM (Builders Engaging Associate Members) Award, Bill Polley, Build Pac Award, and the Associate of the Year Award – which are presented at our Awards Breakfast at the IBS show in Las Vegas, January 2016. If you haven’t submitted your nominee, please do so now! For more information, please visit the NAHB website or reach out to our NAHB staff representative, Sonora Munks (, she will be more than happy to assist efforts.

Trump, Cruz, Bush, Clinton, Biden(?); have we heard enough from them yet? Are you forming your opinions on who the new President should be? The presidential campaign as well as your local and state elections are on the horizon! We must make sure the issues of the home building industry are in the cross-hairs of our current and new (to be elected) legislatures. To enhance our lobbyist’s efforts we all must do our fair share for advocacy. The associates’ advocacy committee has issued a challenge for ALL associates to do their fair share to recruit new BUILD-PAC participants. If you haven’t gotten your Challenge Form, get it now from Sonora – prizes for the two winners, will you be a winner?!

Our Designations and Training subcommittee is very busy with several tasks that look to enhance the experience of obtaining a designation, as well as attending the various NAHB events, like board meetings, and even more, IBS. This hardworking group is looking for different ways to get more associates engaged at all levels – local, state and national.

The Associates Outreach Network is in the process of identifying how to best provide the information needed by all associates to be as active and engaged as they can be. Often we are working within specific guidelines when trying to get information out in the most beneficial manner with the desired results. You should be receiving emails in the not-to-distant future with additional information regarding what we are doing to provide you the services you expect from your association.

Remember if it affects a builder, it affects associates!! We all need to do our part in ensuring the viability of housing in America. September is Associate Appreciation Month – let’s appreciate each other as well as the builders we work with to make housing as great as it can be! 
Thank an associate for being a member and recruit one, as well as thanking our builders!

Best to you all,


September is Associate Appreciation Month!


Diana Lucero said...

Associates Rock! Look forward to seeing you in Dallas!

Linda Mosier-Vaudt said...

Ditto! We also have many new awards in "the making". Be sure to attend our Associates Meeting for more information!
See everyone there.

Linda Mosier-Vaudt

anthony bosco said...

Great Report. Looking forward to Fall Board and getting things accomplished for the Federation. We have a great "Associates - Can Do" team in place.