September 24, 2015

Associates at the National Level (part 3)

"It's Not a Phrase or a Slogan; It's the Absolute Truth"
by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP 
Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP
The past two weeks I have published articles from our National Associate Chairman and our Associate Members Committee Chairman, both National Association of Home Builders' leadership roles for associate members. There is a third associate leadership role and one that I'm proud to represent; the BUILD-PAC Associate Vice Chair. It's the third leg in the three legged stool for associate needs and initiatives at the national level of membership as it pertains to advocacy and the strength of our National Association of Home Builders voice in Washington, DC.

BUILD-PAC stands for Builders United in Legislative Decisions Political Action Committee and it is our advocacy fund-raising arm that we, as builders and associates who sell to builders, need to develop relationships with our federal legislators. Why associates? "If It Affects Builders It Will Affect Associates"

This message is for all members but specifically associates since associates only count for 0.5% of BUILD-PAC investments. ZERO POINT FIVE. Half of one percent. Yet, for most associates, 75% to 100% of your business comes from builder, both new and enhanced, business. If it, meaning legislation or regulation, affects a builders business, it will directly impact the associate's, meaning you, business.

How so? Some examples that most of us have already experienced;
  • If land or business is legislated or regulated in a negative way, it can cause the builder to either a) give up the land meaning less homes for you to sell product or service, or...
  • Passing the cost on to the home buyer which may cause, by price jump, less qualified buyers, meaning less homes built meaning less product or services to sell or...
  • The builder passes the cost on to the vendor. Ever hear the phrase "sharpen your pencil" or "I have to send this out to other potential vendors for best available pricing or contract." What does the cost being passed on to the associate mean? Less net profits, less overall sales volume and/or less commissions or reduced bonuses. 
  •  "If It Affects Builders It Will Affect Associates"
I am asking you to get off the bench and get into the game. Politics is very real and it without question impacts your bottom line and your opportunities for growth. You can't let "others" take care of you. You are the only one who has a say in your present and future career and family needs that will eventually lead to retirement years. Don't let yourself get to a point where you will say "I wish I had done more to protect my earning potential. "If It Affects Builders It Will Affect Associates"

Now, if what I wrote resonates with you, please visit this page BUILD-PAC Information (click here)

If you'd like to speak with me personally, call me, I would love to have a conversation regarding the importance of BUILD-PAC (732) 232-6451 or email me

I invest in BUILD-PAC for my peace of mind and for my career. I wouldn't ask you to do the same unless I had "skin in the game." 

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