September 10, 2015

Associates at the National Level (part 1)

September's Associate Appreciation Month continues with a message from our federation's highest ranking associate, Dianne Beaton, CGA, CAPS. Dianne currently serves as our National Associate Chairman which was formerly known as National Associate Vice President. 
Dianne is from Manchester, New Hampshire and is the owner 2DiFore Marketing Solutions, LLC. She is known in the industry as "The Visionary Diva." Her local Home Builders Association affiliation in New Hampshire is Greater Manchester Nashua Home Builders & Remodelers Association.

Dianne is a devoted associate member, but more importantly a devoted leader in her state and in Washington, DC.  Click here to view Dianne's profile.

Message from Dianne Beaton, 
National Associate Chairman

Dianne D. Beaton, CGA, CAPS
"Learning the Ropes….."
 by Dianne D. Beaton, CGA, CAPS

NAHB National Associate Chairman 2015/2016

Greetings to all fellow Associates and members, what a busy summer it has been! As your National Associate Chairman I’ve attended two Senior Officer meeting’s that took place prior to the Executive Board meetings, taking time to understand my role as your representative….it is a balancing act for sure! The “NACs” have met virtually every month discussing issues and policies that shape the Federation.

Over the last several months one working group has been reviewing the Committee/Councils structure, clarifying roles and the possibility of opening more committee seats for Associates to serve on. The goal of the NAC’s is to provide every opportunity for Associate members to be as involved as possible in all aspects of the Federation. The working group also explored a way to recognize long serving members on key committees, not wanting to lose the “brain trust” that is extremely valuable all while making room for younger more eager members to serve. 

Virtual meetings can be a handful for sure, in fact as I write this blog post we have four Regional meetings scheduled over the next several days! Some of the topics to be discussed will be two proposed committees, The Young Professionals and The Green Building and Sustainability which can open opportunities for more members to be involved and I sure there will be discussion at the upcoming Fall Board of Directors meeting in Dallas. The items of discussion will be the health insurance affinity program, the WOTUS impact and the 2016 Budget. I promise to prepare a complete report once all the meetings have been concluded and we have closed out the Fall Board of Directors meeting, however if you have questions please do not hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email.

Finally, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for being active participants in your local, state and National Association without you we could not get our message out that “Housing Matters”! I am proud and honored to serve as your National Associate Chairman and look forward to connecting to each of you. 



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