October 8, 2015

Can You Hear Me Now?

Today's guest blogger is Ann Garvey, from Charlotte, Michigan and owner of A & J Construction & Consulting. Ann is currently the 2015 NAHB Public Affairs and Association Communications Committee Chairman. Ann's committee is doing wonderful work on behalf of our members.

NAHB Communications: It starts in Washington, D.C.

" Can You Hear Me Now?"

Ann Garvey
Fall is the time when many of us get moving again: The brisk weather makes us think about shaking off the old ways and trying something new.
That’s true also of NAHB’s Public Affairs and Association Communications Committee, which had a lively discussion last week in Dallas during the Board of Directors meeting. There was a lot to talk about.
First is the whole issue of workforce development and attracting more high school and college students to careers in home building and the trades.  Finding a qualified labor force is a growing issue in most parts of the country and a huge problem in others.
·       You’ve probably heard about the Workforce Development Toolkit, which offers HBAs and members lots of resources from posters and videos to case studies that tell the story of home building career success. You asked us for more, and we’ve complied: With the help of our great Economics staff, you’ll now see a state-by-state breakdown of where the labor shortages are most acute – another way to explain to schools, students and parents that these career opportunities are real.
·       Along the same lines, 2016 should see the “new and improved” Homes of Our Own video game. Old-timers will remember this popular program from the late 90s that helped middle-schoolers learn how communities are developed and homes are built – and have fun while they gained this knowledge. This 2016 reboot will take advantage of today’s technology to expand this story – and bring it online, where it can be consistently updated and improved.
·       We also looked at the progress made on a new  time-saving product for our HBAs: a free newsletter creation and distribution tool that  allows EOs to conveniently “drop in” their local news, photos and calendars into customizable templates. They also have the option of simply using pre-packaged content provided by National when time or resources are scarce. For HBAs publishing their newsletters electronically, distribution will be absolutely free. Or they can chose from a large variety of export options.
That’s not all we talked about, of course. These committee members have lots of ideas to help our members create a positive public impact – one that leads to better business for everyone. 
I bet you have good ideas too – and I’d love to hear them. I’d also love to see more member involvement – not just on our fine committee but on Environmental Issues, Design, Sales and Marketing and all the committees and councils that move our Federation forward. Lend your voice, and your time: Fill out the Committee and Council application form by Oct. 18and give back to the industry that has given so much to you.

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Kathy Browning, CMP, MIRM, CGP said...

Great Comments Ann! It would awesome to get the message out to the grassroots and show HBA staff how easy it is to include NAHB member-related information in newsletters, etc . I just wonder how many of our members are unaware of these programs?