October 29, 2015

Like a Thief in the Night...

...or day. The time doesn't really matter. What does matter is that you were robbed. You were robbed of possessions, cash and pride.

Imagine the hours or days before. Life was great. You had a decent to great income, home, tangible valuables and the serenity of having limited worries. Theft could never happen to you. You even thought about home protection but you looked at the cost, weighed it against never having any problems before and decided you did not have to pay for peace of mind.

And then.......

Oh how you wish you invested in a home security system. "Why," you are thinking,"did I have to be so cheap when protecting what's dear to me. If only I had the famous Slomin's Shield of protection demonstrating that I invested in home protection.!"

Our careers are a valuable possession and anytime we face a threat to our careers we look to self protect. Guess what? Thieves are coming for your careers and if they take your careers they will ultimately change your way of life, quite possibly taking more of your possessions, your home, your income and how you provide for yourself and loved ones. Our home building industry, whether it's new construction or remodeling, is heavily legislated and regulated. Those career thieves I mentioned? Well, left to fend for itself, building would fall prey to the countless environmental groups, anti-growthers and "the Not in My Backyard" NIMBY's of the world, all career thieves. All who live comfortably in a home, you guessed it, constructed by a BUILDER and utilizing products and services of ASSOCIATES.

Quite frankly, my message to you today delves into matters that some would rather not talk about; political fundraising and it's importance to our efforts in Washington, DC. A BUILD-PAC investment is a lot like home security protection. You hope you never need it but you know you will be very happy you invested in it when you need it to work for you. BUILD-PAC: think protection of your most valued possessions. BUILD-PAC's shield is for all of us in the home building industry but it only works if you invest in it.

It's our industry, it's you career and future. Don't let career thieves rob you. Fight for it or lose it. The choice is absolutely yours. 

The Slomin's Shiled; protector of your home. The BUILD-PAC shield; without it you may have no home to protect!

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 submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

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